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Get the Picture

Nickelodeon (ended 1993)


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Get the Picture

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Hosted by Mike O'Malley. There were bonus rounds, which require a lot of knowledge. Two pairs of kids face off against each other. Round one (connect the dots. Answer a question, pick a box, and reveal a part of the picture) If they pick a "Power Surge" box, they could get an additional 20 points, and extra box. They then need to get 5 pictures in 30 seconds (revealed very slowly). Round two (dots. They must answer questions and guess the picture). Final round (mega-memory. Have a few seconds to memorize nine pictures, then they have to remember them after hearing clues)

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  • good game show.

    i seen this show on nick gas.it was a good game show.it's last round was good and this show was pretty good.including those old ads.since this show is good.this show deserves a A.let me see,its question asking.it shows pictures of stuff.it earns it and it has old ads.it was better than guts.i wonder what happen to the new show my familys got guts.this show was good from the 1990's like family matters.this is my first game show i reviewed this time.the show was a great game show on nick.i like it and it's really better than the other show guts.moreless
  • Two teams compete to "Get The Picture" and try to win the game by going to the final "Mega Memory" round in which they need to memorize pictures to win money and prizes.moreless

    Get The Picture - another one of the few shows left on Nick Gas. Get The Picture definitely doesn't get enough credit. Many people think it's simply boring, and not nearly as good as Mike O'Malley's GUTs. Maybe the second part is true, but Get The Picture is definitely not boring. There definitely are better shows, however, that should still be on Nick Gas that aren't, but we can't complain. Anyway, Get The Picture is straight forward. Answer questions, and "Get The Picture", with the occasional "Power Surge", in which the team that got it must play a short game for extra points.moreless
  • This is an awesome show

    I love Get the Picture. I was too little to understand it when it first came out, but I started watching it on Nick GAS when the channel came on in 2001. In round one, you had to answer a question and if you get it right, you had the opprotunity to pick a square of your choice. If you guessed the picture right you got 50 points. In round 2, you had to give an answer to a question that required 2, 3, or 4 answers and you could connect the dots of a square of your choice and if you guessed the picture correctly, you earned 75 dollars.moreless
  • This show is amazing.

    I was just recently watching Nick Gas, and I saw this show, I knew it was old, but I have got to say, this is a great game show. This show has some really cool activities, and the whole idea behind it is awesome. The questions are just right, and it's a classic. I hope to see more episodes pretty soon, and I'm happy a great show like this is still playing, even if they are all reruns.moreless