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They're the GetBackers, and they live by a simple motto: "If it was taken, we'll get it back." Their success rate is 100%. They may have no luck with money, but they always come through on a job, no matter how small.

Ban Mido and Ginji Amano are no ordinary retrieval service though. With Ginji's ability to generate lightning and Ban's Jagan Eye and 200kg force grip, they'll take on any job, from retrieving stuffed toys to fine art to lost memories. If the GetBackers say they'll get it back, they will!

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  • GetBackers gives audiences lovable characters and interesting plots, while at the same time providing laughs and excitement along the way.

    Animes are kind of getting their own genre nowadays, it seems. Some animes are more action-packed, others are more focused on plot, and there are some that tend to lean on character development. Initially, I always went to the shows with the intelligent plot because conflicts that make you think make things more interesting. After watching GetBackers for the first time, I must admit I wasn't overly impressed by a long shot. In fact, that is what makes this show amazing: how the viewer must continue to come back for more.

    Ginji Amano and Ban Mido are our two main characters in GetBackers. What are the GetBackers? The GetBackers with letters "G" and "B" represent Ginji and Ban, respectively. They have their own business called the GetBackers, and their job is to get back items that were stolen from people . . . for a fee. Both characters spend most of their time at the Honky Tonk cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where customers go to see Genji and Ban for assistance. The blond, upbeat, and lovable oaf that is Ginji has the ability to conduct electricity all on his own. Ban describes Ginji as an electric eel when in a defensive state. Ban Mido is usually a laid back character that is the brains of the two, and is the one that keeps Ginji in the peppy mood that he's in because Ginji has experienced unforgettable memories that internally haunt him. Ban possess a power called "snake bite" in which he uses 200 kilograms-force. Ban also has the ability in which he is able to send his enemies into a nightmare that seems as real as the world they live in for a minute. This technique is called the Jagon or "the Evil Eye." Ban is in the GetBackers business just to get money to start a living, but Ginji is in it for the sake of helping people.

    When we are introduced to our two main heroes Ginji and Ban, the show almost makes itself appear as if it were a straightforward, simple show about two abnormal men with awkward superpowers. It may take up unto the fourth episode until things begin to get interesting. Yes, Ginji and Ban do their battles like most of us would expect, but the fourth episode starts to really branch out when we are shown the type of "battle genius" Ban Mido is. Not only Ban, but a slew of other interesting characters do the same as well. This contributing factor may interest viewers. Even if the battles are interesting, it's still not enough for a show to great.

    That brings me to my next point. Another thing GetBackers does right is introducing its characters in a nice, slow way just to get to know the surface of their personalities. As the show progresses, we continuously learn more and more about these characters, especially about Ginji and Ban. At the beginning, we really are left in the dust about these two people, the type of world they live in, and the mysterious "Limitless Fortress." It's interesting how when we continue to learn more about these characters, that they are woven into the plot so elegantly. Further making the viewer interested.

    So what genre is this animated goody? It has just enough of everything to please just about anyone. Maybe at times, you would wish that it would be more serious, but if it were, it would ruin the entire atmosphere of the show. The lovable characters and the conflicts that follow them make this show fat-out addictive and satisfying. It gives us that "intelligent show" feel, at the same time being witty and unpredictable. At its core, GetBackers has its moments, and to be honest, it's one the best animes out there. At first this show may not appeal to everyone, but once you see what it has to offer, you can see what heart it has and justice to be considered a television show.moreless
  • If you lost something, the Getbackers will get it back. 100% Guaranteed!

    I fell in love with this show after one episode, and it wasn't even though first episode. Yet again, it is very underrated. Short Summery: Ban Mido and Ginji Amano, the two main characters that run a recovery service retrieve lost items, however, they never seem to get money for these deeds. A very enjoyable action/comedy with very like-able characters. I don't think there was one character that I hated. The anime has a base story line but it can get pretty random from time to time. But the episodes are hysterical and it's a very good anime to watch if you're in a down mood to cheer you up. Pros of the show:

    ~Like-able characters

    ~good animation

    ~good music


    Cons of the show: ~Emishi wears this ugly outfit in a couple episodes

    ~not much romancemoreless
  • best anime ever created!!!

    this series was my obsession for the longest time. but it makes sense when you watch the show. the two main characters are Ginji Amano and Ban Midou, who run a recovery service. Ginji and Ban are hysterical together. you can't help but laugh at their antics (like never making money). classic! of the two though, Ginji is my personal fave. He is so stupid at times, like the whole Venus de Milo arc, but he is so cute!! and HOT. the action in the show is first rate and the comedy will have you peeing your pants it is soo good. the supporting cast is also very likeable and you don't hate any one of them at all. they are so well-rounded. i have seen many other anime, but none have ever come close to beating this show as my favorite. RECOMMENDED!!!!moreless
  • this is x-men meets anime and street fighter!(nuff said)

    the first time i saw this show i was amazed!,plus i also saw it out of pure bordem.Anyway even though the first episode i saw was'nt the first episode of the series (like if i cared)i still loved it.Now i know what your thinking "wow another anime about two guys that have a battle almost in every episode"(i call this type of show the dbz type).Sure we'ev all seen and heard of animes like this and half of us with commen sense tend to well...hate these types of shows.Well getbackers may have some dbz qualities to it it's still really cool with some beliveble fight scenes and cool characters,not to mention the fact that some of characters have powers on the show(which even though no one may say it but we all know that their mutants).The two main characters are also cool cause the creaters of the did'nt make two powerful(dbz)or to dramatic(full metal alchemist),and the fact that the two main characters(ban&ginji) are'nt heros to protect the planet makes this anime a little more original.Also the animation is also pretty good.

    don't take my word for it watch the show your self if you can and let me konw what you personally think about it and any other show that i've reviewd.moreless
  • Two of the main characters, who form the get backers, are the main focus of the series. One of which came control electricity and the other has snake like theme as he can be sly and cunning and make anyone see illusiuons. Hired to get back whatever.moreless

    Well in short this is a really good anime to watch for those new to anime since it does not have 50 people all wiht diffrent powers and diffrent back stories that should each have their own 300 page book; and it's simulary good for those experienced in anime watching since it can keep intrest for a good long time with a good solid plot, set of characters, and of course a good theme that is not way over used but it's still there. as for the actual story I'll give no spoilers other than the main powers and that this is a great story to play and then play again as you'll notice quite a few things you missed the first few times.moreless

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