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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • GetBackers
      Episode 24
      They get Makubex back together with everyone's future. They use a program to separate the lower town and Makubex's data from the Archive. The Getbackers' biggest and most dangerous task is accomplished!
    • Fated Confrontation · Ban vs. Akabane
      Akabane learns a lesson from Ban during the battle when it heats up and Ban get serious and uses his Snake Bite but does not intend to kill Akabane.
    • Bust Into Beltline! Ginji vs. Masaki
      Masaki leaves the scene when Kazuki, Jubei, Ban and Akabane appear. Everyone has a path made for them to settle but there is a choice posted to each of them, to go or not to go. Ginji, Kazuki and Jubei settle a thing of their past.
    • Brain Trust
      Brain Trust
      Episode 21
      The fun begins when they receive the information on Beltline from Makubex which was delivered by Akabane. Ginji, Ban, Kazuki and Jubei. Akabane decides to tag along for a little entertainment in Beltline. They are greeted with a virtual reality scene created by Ren and the real fun begins when Ginji meets an old friend, Kurusu Masaki face to face.moreless
    • The Demon of Revenge, Fudou, Dies
      Ban and the others have no idea where to find Makubex. As they wander through the virtual environment, they are each confronted by assassins. Shido is attacked and defeated by Masaki. Before he is killed Takeru Teshimine appears to challenge Masaki. Ban on the other hand is confronted by a familliar face, Fudou. After having his arm revived and transplanted by Kagami Kyoji, he is here to avenge his previous defeat.moreless
    • The Last of the Four Kings
      It is a showdown for Kurusu and Ginji. Kurusu intends to make Makubex do the Brain Trust project. Makubex weakness now is that he knows too much. Everyone is fighting to retrieve from Kurusu's clutches.
    • The Man Returns Home... Infinite Castle, Once Again
      Kurusu Masaki comes back to Infinite Castle to drive Makubex away. The people who are unhappy with Makubex start wrecking havoc by attacking Emishi, Jubei and Sakura because they believe in Makubex and support him. Ginji, Kazuki, Shido, Ban and Himiko set off to get the Abducted Makubex back.
    • Atonement for Betrayal
      A man appears in the cafe and for some reason Paul seems to know him. It turns out the two of them were 2/3 of a retrieval team. The third member betrayed them and ran off with a vase they were to retrieve. Paul and Higashi plan to steal back the vase.moreless
    • Farewell, My Beloved
      The GetBackers are charged with retrieving a top secret project that was stolen, but when Hevn watches footage of the heist she cancels the request and goes alone. She had worked on the project and lost a boyfriend when it was almost stolen once before. It turns out that Hevn's boyfriend had survived and is the current user of the armor. Can Hevn finish this job or will old feelings get in the way?moreless
    • The Monkey's Counterattack!
      Ban, Ginji, and Natsume are on their way to visit Madoka in her mountain home. On their way there, they are attacked by monkeys who steal their food. As things go on Shido enters the fray and becomes the leader of the monkeys, making things worse.
    • Ginji's Hospitalized? To the Hospital! The Whole Crew Gathers
      When Ginji injures himself on a mission enough to need a hospital, it's time for a cast reunion! All of his friends turn up with their "Get Well Soons" and the hospital gets crazy! Kazuki is mistaken for a nurse, Ban and Shido go head-to-head on a mission to get back love letters belonging to the nurses, and that's only the beginning!moreless
    • Recital Just for You
      An old insect user enemy comes to greet Shido on his first day of attending Madoka's concert. Madoka wants him to go so that she can play for him.
    • Do Your Best, Natsumi!
      When the GetBackers can't take an old woman's case, Natsumi decides to help! The woman recently sold her house, but left something of strong sentimental value inside and she can't get back in. She has no idea what she's looking for or where to look, but Natsumi is on the job!
      The Job: Find something of strong sentimental value for an old woman who doesn't remember what it is or where she hid it.moreless
    • Children of Fate
      Children of Fate
      Episode 11
      Hevn has called Himiko to assist the GetBackers on a mission. They have to retrieve a boy from his grand father on behalf of his parents. Himiko seems disturbed but goes along despite Ban's suggestion that she sit this job out.
    • Get Back the Flame of Life!
      Hevn gives the GetBackers the job a retrieving rare blood needed for a transfusion to save a little girl. The fact that Dr. Jackel is transporting the blood complicates matters.
    • GetBackers Break Up!? The Enemy is Ban Mido
      When Hevn arrives just in time to stop Ban from using the snake bite on Ginji, the GetBackers break up. Ban then goes to a man called Mahoroba Daitetsu to accept a job to retrieve a jewel called the Aztec Star. Unfortunately, Ginji is working the opposing job.
    • Get Back the Immortal Goddess!
    • Mission Start! Ginji vs. Miroku
      Ginji survives being thrown overboad, and makes his way to an island to team up with Ban, Shido and Emishi. The four of them decide to work together as they share related goals. When their pursuers arrive, Shido and Emishi have to face Shakuryuu and Hyora while Ban has to face Akabane once again. Meanwhile, Ginji bumps into Miroku Yukihiko in the underground of a factory and is attacked by him.moreless
    • Hella and Kite
      Hella and Kite
      Episode 6
      It turns out that the guy who Ginji met is part of the team protecting the GetBacker's target. He disables Ginji and takes him to his boss, Hela. She turns out to be the girlfriend of an artist Ginji met outside the Limitless Fortress.
    • Enigmatic Assassins · Miroku Brothers
      The trouble has started. While retrieving the arms of the Venus de Milo, the GetBackers are attacked by the Miroku brothers, from the protection service, and Dr. Jackel. Ban falls over board, and while looking for him Ginji unknowingly meets and befriends one of the Miroku brothers.
    • Get Back the Arms of the Goddess!
      Hevn arrives at Honky Tonk with a job Ban refuses. This is because Clayman comes along with a better one. They are tasked to retrieve arms that supposedly belong to the famous Venus de Milo statue.
    • The Man Who Lost His Past
      A strange man wanders into the Honky Tonk one day and the GetBackers learn that he can not remember anything. The man hires them to help him find his lost memories, and the GetBackers take him all over town. What's even more strange is the woman who comes in and asks them to stop their job. Why would the man's supposed "caring girlfriend" not want him to recover his memory? There is obviously more going on that the GetBackers are not being told.moreless
    • High School Girl vs. Retrievers
      As the GetBackers advertise in the streets a man requests them to retrieve a bag for him. The bag contains documents, which, if lost, could spell ruin for his company. He suspects some rude High School girls that sat next to him took the bag. But to get the information they want, the GetBackers will have to play to one High School girl's every whim!moreless
    • Hot Spring Trip to Get Back Steam!?
      The GetBackers are charged with retrieving a ring that was lost at a hot springs resort. Ginji and Ban agree mainly because they want a holiday, but then things go wrong as Hevn, Natsume and Paul tag along.
  • Season 1