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  • this is x-men meets anime and street fighter!(nuff said)

    the first time i saw this show i was amazed!,plus i also saw it out of pure bordem.Anyway even though the first episode i saw was'nt the first episode of the series (like if i cared)i still loved it.Now i know what your thinking "wow another anime about two guys that have a battle almost in every episode"(i call this type of show the dbz type).Sure we'ev all seen and heard of animes like this and half of us with commen sense tend to well...hate these types of shows.Well getbackers may have some dbz qualities to it it's still really cool with some beliveble fight scenes and cool characters,not to mention the fact that some of characters have powers on the show(which even though no one may say it but we all know that their mutants).The two main characters are also cool cause the creaters of the did'nt make two powerful(dbz)or to dramatic(full metal alchemist),and the fact that the two main characters(ban&ginji) are'nt heros to protect the planet makes this anime a little more original.Also the animation is also pretty good.

    don't take my word for it watch the show your self if you can and let me konw what you personally think about it and any other show that i've reviewd.
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