Ghar... Ek Sapnaa

Sahara One (ended 2009)




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Ghar... Ek Sapnaa

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There is a tradition that often occurs in Bihar, India. Sometimes a man is kidnapped and forced to marry a girl he barely even knows, resulting in a forced and suffocating relationship. This is what happens in the lives of Kakul Shankar and Samman Chaudhary. Ghar... Ek Sapnaa follows the story of Kakul Shankar, the daughter of a powerful, politico-business magnate of Patna - Om Shankar. Across the nation in Mumbai is the Chaudhury family consisting of six children, including their son Samman. When Samman casually flirts with Kakul at a friend's wedding, Kakul falls in love with Samman and wishes to marry him. Kakul's brother-in-law Sujeet, a man with several gang members at his disposal, only wants the best for his sister-in-law. Supported by Om Shankar, Sujeet kidnaps Samman and forces him to marry Kakul at gunpoint. While Kakul thinks her dream marriage is complete, she is unaware that Samman does not even love her, and has a girlfriend named Vanshika, daughter of Samman's father's business partner. Kakul's dreams are further shattered when she discovers that her own in-laws do not respect her and do not accept her. The story follows Kakul's efforts in creating a perfect dream home, but it may forever remain a dream. Ghar... Ek Sapnaa follows not only the story of Kakul and Samman, but their family members and friends as well. Written, directed, and created by the famous Ajai Sinha, this show illustrates the fact that a home is made by loving and caring people, which Kakul unfortunately does not possess. The truth is that behind every happiness, there is hidden a thousand sorrows. Although greatly desired, remains home... a dream. Ghar... Ek Sapnaa, when translated into English, means Home... A Dream. Ghar... Ek Sapnaa originally aired on Sahara One at 9:30 PM, but starting on August 17th in India and August 31st in America, Ghar... Ek Sapnaa aired on Sahara One at 8:00 PM.moreless