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Three ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin set out in search of spirits while armed with nightvision cameras and digital recorders on this paranormal show based on the Sci-Fi channel documentary.
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  • Used to love back in 2006-2013 ish

    Now there is a bunch of theatrics, acting, fake-ness, music, sound effects, stupid filming additives. LAME. Lets add blood and gore, and lets have the network add whatever they want as well... I know, lets take the whole show from what it was (3 dudes with cameras and gear) and totally copy every other ghost horse poop show. Lame guys. Disappointed.
  • I like this program.

    I like the whole of me & my partner watch the program every time its on if we are home, i would love to be able to have the equipment n funds to go places and do paranormal investigations as it's something im really into, so i do hope that they will be doing more seasons etc.
  • Total crap

    The opening of his "fans" loving him should be the first clue that its total fake. Nice acting.

    With that rest of the show is a joke. I roll my eyes often than not. These guys would poop themself if they ever REALLY had a true spirit encounter.
  • Nopeming Sanitarium

    i believe in spirits and an afterlife and such, however i don't believe this show to be 100% real... however, i mostly watch it for the history of places. one thing that kinda creeps me out though, im watching the Nopeming Sanitarium episode right now, and a year ago i had a dream about it. i never knew it existed and i would have thought id have tricked myself somehow into believing i had dreamed it when i hadnt, except that i kept a dream journal at the time of the dream (i was having a ton of odd nightmares at the time). i just find it weird that i had never known this place existed but yet i had dreamed about it

    i rate this show a 9 for the entertainment and the historical backgrounds on it :)moreless
  • Right on EllieMae.

    Shows like this are so phoney. People who actually believe in these should have their heads examined.

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