Ghost Adventures

Season 4 Episode 1

Best Evidence So Far

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 2010 on Travel Channel
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Ghost Adventures returns to the airwaves with a special to re-examine the crew's best evidence of the paranormal.

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  • Zak, Nick, and Aaron review some memories of the show.

    Ghost Adventures returns to the airwaves with a special to re-examine the crew's best evidence of the paranormal.

    This was a nice episode, it was cool to see what they all thought was good, overall a 10 out of 10 due to the evidence they have showed.

    10 out of 10
Mark Constantino

Mark Constantino

EVP Expert (Archive Footage)

Recurring Role

Debby Constantino

Debby Constantino

EVP Expert (Archive Footage)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Best Evidence So Far:
      1. Bobby Mackey's Music World: Full-bodied apparition.
      2. Edinburgh Vaults: Object moved (teddy bear), simultaneously with a high EMF spike and an EVP of a child whining.
      3. Ancient Ram Inn: Shadow figure.
      4. Linda Vista Hospital: EVP of a child humming; orb; white mist.
      5. Bird Cage Theater: White mist figure (originally spotted by a fan).
      6. Houghton Mansion: Shadow person which set off a motion sensor, EVP of a child's voice; mist-like figure simultaneous with an 11 deg temperature drop.
      7. Clovis Wolfe Manor: Mist only visible on full spectrum camera which moved in response to commands, and an EVP from a recorder inside the mist.
      8. Old Washoe Club: Full-bodied apparition; EVPs.
      9. Pennhurst State School: Thrown object (originally spotted by a fan).
      10. Castillo de San Marcos: Lantern apparition.
      11. Boise State Prison: ITC Figure (Instrumental Trans-Communication) on TV screen.
      12. Poveglia Island: Orb, simultaneous with high EMF reading; disembodied screams, followed by sounds of running footsteps and a light knocked over; disembodied voice; misty apparition; EVP in Italian.

    • Also Appearing:
      Matt Coates - Caretaker, Bobby Mackey's
      Joyce Clark - Historian, Edinburgh Vaults
      Nicola Wright - Guide at Edinburgh Vaults
      CJ Romer - Historian, Ancient Ram Inn
      John Humphries - Owner, Ancient Ram Inn
      Kirsten Thorne - LA Paranormal Association, Linda Vista Hospital
      Layla Halfhills - LA Paranormal Association, Linda Vista Hospital
      Rachel Branch - Step Great, Great Granddaughter of AC Houghton, Houghton Mansion
      Nick Mantello - Mason, Houghton Mansion
      Greg Onorato - Mason/Police Officer, Houghton Mansion
      Terry Campbell - Eyewitness, Wolfe Manor
      Scott Gruenwald - Eyewitness, Wolfe Manor
      Ellen Haffner - Guide, Boise State Prison
      Federico Moro - Historian, Poveglia Island
      Abdrea Bassani-Santamaria - Translator, Poveglia Island

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Zak: I've gotta say, the more evil a place is, the more active it is.
      Nick: That's because evil is used to stirring up trouble, man.
      Zak: And we're used to stirring evil up.

    • Zak: (after playing some EVPs that seemed to be direct, intelligent responses) That's communication! If we can communicate with them like that, maybe we can shed more light on what happens to us when we die!

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