Ghost Adventures

Season 7 Episode 1

Central Unit Prison

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2012 on Travel Channel

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  • GAC opens the new season strong

    After the train wreck of an episode from the Riviera Hotel, Travel Channel and the GAC had received tons of negative feedback about how far off the rails the show was going - and rightfully so. By all indications, they took the backlash from the fans to heart. The season 7 opener from the Central Unit Prison gives the fans more of the vintage GAC-style investigating that got us hooked in the early seasons and had been sorely lacking from more recent episodes that got jumbled and distracted by gratuitous celebrity "guest investigators" who are almost undoubtedly brought in to placate the self-appointed geniuses at the network who think these "celebrities" pull in more ratings without a care in the world about how this misguided booking trashes the credibility of the show and insults the intelligence of the core, die-hard fan base Zak, Nick, Aaron & Billy have earned on their own merits and have followed the show all along.

    By contrast, the 2 lockdowns from England and now this one from Sugar Land, TX have been a breath of fresh air. Thankfully, we finally get to enjoy seeing the GAC crew return to its investigative roots, hitting a fresh location that has yet to be investigated by another paranormal team or guided tours conducted. In fact, there's not even a tour guide assigned to walk the crew through the facility or give them any backstory on the paranormal experiences or hot spots to set up equipment and focus on this time around, so finding local informants with a personal connection to the prison to give them at least some background on its history proves to be its own mini-investigation ahead of the lockdown. This adds a nice twist to the episode overall that will help distinguish it against other previous episodes when you're filing through good lockdowns to go back and watch again.

    You want evidence? The Central Unit Prison delivers in spades - from EMF spikes that coincide with abrupt temperature changes, to EVPs, intelligent spirit box and Ovilus II responses, well documented thermal camera and direct visual evidence of a shadow figure, and an unsettling attachment to Nick by a presence that physically takes him down for most of the lockdown. Overall, this was a good location that proved to be a hotbed of activity and started off the new season with a bang. It's great to have the vintage Ghost Adventures back again, and I hope they can keep the momentum going through the upcoming episodes.