Ghost Adventures

Season 8 Episode 8

Exorcist House

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2013 on Travel Channel
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Zak, Nick and Aaron visit the St. Louis home where the case that inspired The Exorcist movie took place.

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  • The Guy above me has no clue

    Explain the voices they got "Diablo, Devil" very clear

    Its either fake, or i know and feel the GA crew to be the genuine and the real deal..

    And i like how you "Are you telling me when i die, i can intercept a machine and pick words"

    What do you know about abilities after life?

    These guys have filmed a friggin brick, lifted up and thrown at.

    "Empty Rooms", "Pseudo science" your just a skeptic right from the start..

    I love how by your what? 30 years of life on this planet, you have the balls to be Negative and SKeptic

    In the work these guys put out... Why bash this down? Because you did not read about paranormal

    Spirits, Emotional Residue in the Schoolbooks?

    These guys, go in the darkest and most evil places on this planet.. to find the answers for us.

    You bring nothing new in to this world, just like a random guy 500years ago agreeing on a flat earth

    Because he didnt believe in Magic or "wierd" things, hence a ROUND earth is stupid!

    -You are that guy in this century..

    Until the evidence get accepted, (in my opinion they have already proven the existence)

    But until its in the schoolbooks and internationally accepted, people like you will denie it

    And use clichs that every parent uses to his children "Son, its an empty room.. there are no such things as ghosts"moreless
  • Same nonsense, different episode

    This show is a joke. You have to be a certified paranormal nutjob to tune in to this drivel every week. Zac Bagans is PAINFUL to watch and listen to. Every word out of his mouth sounds like it's coming from a talentless drama student trying to sound authoritative. We get the usual tour of the location, complete with unconvincing witnesses who just look happy to be on TV. Then we get maybe 30 minutes of grown men shouting silly questions to empty rooms. Not that there's any other kind of question to ask an empty room. but the questions these clowns "Did you die here?" - slight sound of the building settling - "So that little creaking sound means you were on a ship and got hung from the yard-arm?"

    Then you get the annoying squawking of the silly little pseudo-scientific gimmicks they bring along. That's annoying enough, but what's worse is the hosts then pretty much insisting that they are hearing actual words and all but pressuring the audience to hear the same thing. Without the helpful subtitle and the hosts prompting, I've yet to find anyone who could hear what we are supposed to be hearing. THEN we have the absolutely ridiculous custom made gadget that converts an EMF reading into a word selected from an on-board dictionary of only 2000 words. Well, it's amazing how many of those 2000 (CHOSEN) words are "get out" "murdered", "suicide", "help me", and all the usual ghosty cliches. However, it is reassuring that, after we die we will be able to precisely modulate our magnetic fields AND be able to interface effortlessly with electronic devices and instantly understand their exact workings at a binary level in order to read the firmware installed, and make them do our bidding. I can't do that now, but I will when I'm dead. Awesome!

    This show isn't even in the "so bad it's good" category. Not matter how funny you find a bunch of guys pretending to talk to ghosts, there's no way that rubbish can stay entertaining for all these years.moreless
Jeff Belanger

Jeff Belanger

Paranormal Researcher

Guest Star

Billy Tolley

Billy Tolley

EVP Expert

Recurring Role

Bill Chappell

Bill Chappell

GAC Scientist & Electrical Engineer

Recurring Role

Jay Wasley

Jay Wasley

Audio Tech

Recurring Role

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