Ghost Adventures

Season 4 Episode 8

Hill View Manor

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2010 on Travel Channel

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  • My First Ghost Adventures Review

    I've been "binge watching" this show for a few months now and I can't get enough of it. To keep a long story short, I'm totally into this kind of thing and the GAC do a great job with their investigations and are super entertaining to watch.

    For the critics of this show... who cares? No body really knows what any of this stuff really is. No body is proving anything. Sure it's non scientific. But I think they go in there, are honest with what they find, and they present things that happen to them. Half the fun of watching the show for me is deciding if its real ghosts or not. But I think the GAC crew are HONEST. There is no trickery on their behalf, and the impression that I get is that they believe everything they say they do.

    But at any rate, that's my impression of the show. I love it, and can't get enough. It's inspiring me to try and get some gear of my own and maybe try a little ghost hunting myself (but it'd be FREAKY!!!)

    This episode: The highlights of this episode were the "conversations" they were having with the spirits on the spirit box. They found out one spirit was a hockey fan. That was kind of cool. No apparitions or really crazy stuff going on, but an entertaining episode non the less.
  • good


    Zak, Nick and Aaron visit New Castle, Pennsylvania's Hill View Manor. This former Lawrence County Poor Farm and nursing home is said to be haunted by many of its former inhabitants and workers. Will they come out and play with the GAC?

    7.5 out of 10

  • Fraudulent claims from fake technology

    As usual, for the sake of simplicity, I will simply make the following disclaimer: if I don't discuss a specific EVP, one can make the assumption that I think it was just background noise and nothing remotely paranormal. (And seriously, if they want to get EVPs that can be taken seriously, they need to put the recorders down and eliminate their own movements and noise! I guarantee, they wouldn't get a quarter of the "EVPs" they keep claiming they get!)

    The funny thing about this episode is that "Ghost Lab" aired an episode set in the exact same location the night before this originally aired. It's hard to know which one is the more overdramatic presentation, but I think "Ghost Adventures" has the experience and track record in its favor. And I swear Candy was flirting with Zak throughout the entire location tour, which was creepy in its own special way.

    The usual confirmation bias starts early in this episode. At one point, Zak is recording and openly states that he thinks he hears a bird. Aaron agrees. But then he plays back the recording, and interprets the noise and bird sound as an EVP! And of course, since Zak knew the name of the patient who was once in that room, and knew the stories, he hears the name "Jim". Sorry, Zak, but there's a clear cut reason why the skeptics are right on the money with your "evidence"!

    It seems to take forever, especially given that ridiculous golf bit (designed, I assume, to fulfill some Travel Channel obligation), but the investigation finally gets started about halfway through the hour.

    They claim to be lured to the chapel by a string of odd events. They see doors open, claim to be touched, and see shadows. They do capture an EVP that is surprisingly not in the background nose for once, and seems to answer a direct question. And I'm not sure what to think of motion sensor footage. Despite what Zak claims, that does look like dust, moving in and out of the IR beam, but the timing is admittedly suspect.

    Aaron goes by "Jim's room" on his own, and a door apparently moves on its own. There is an odd sound, but without video, it's hard to be sure what it really was. There are a few more "EVPs" that are nothing but the usual noise, and the use of the "spirit box", which is just an annoying way to listen to every AM radio station at exactly the same time. Interesting how so many of their questions relate to topics that would be readily found on random radio broadcasts. (And imagine…a radio station close to Pittsburgh mentioning…Pittsburgh!) Sorry, Zak, but it definitely has a logical explanation, and misrepresenting how the device works speaks volumes.

    The PX is another fraudulent Bill Chappell device. I trust no device that has a pre-loaded dictionary of words that are supposed triggered by an unidentified energy. Notice how easily Zak supplies meaning to the random words and phrases being tossed out by the device. It's not just confirmation bias; the words were selected to ensure that someone willing to supply context would be able to easily do so.

    I've been on investigations where things have been slammed, so the activity in the basement isn't something that I can dismiss out of hand. But the PX activity was a complete crock, as was the ridiculous interpretation of "spirit box" recordings. All of it can easily be explained, and "ghosts" have nothing to do with it.