Ghost Adventures

Season 4 Episode 8

Hill View Manor

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2010 on Travel Channel



  • Trivia

    • Also Appearing:
      Candy Braniff - Owner
      Gary Cangey - Owner
      Noel Schermaier - Film Student
      Heidi Schermaier - Noel's Mother
      Peggy Julian - Former Cook

  • Quotes

    • Zak: (using a "Spirit Box") What's your favorite sport?
      Spirit Box: Hockey.
      Zak: Hockey! What's your favorite team?
      Spirit Box: Pittsburgh.

    • Aaron: (pointing to the way out of the building) Freedom... (pointing to the basement stairs, where a grumpy spirit is said to reside) ...Hell. Which would you choose?

    • Aaron: (to the camera, after coming last in their round of "haunted golf") I just want you to know, I lost on purpose, just so Zak looked good on film. That's what I do. (he drives his golf cart into a low tree branch and is almost decapitated)

    • Zak: (looking at a field full of unmarked graves) Do you see the golf cart? Those people golfing right over there, they probably have no idea right now that they're putting on human bones.
      Candy Braniff: I think actually the golf course kind of took some of the cemetery to make the green.
      Zak: I wonder if it's a haunted green?
      Nick: Be a fun game of haunted golf. I say we play it!
      Zak: (struck by the idea) I really, really think that would be cool!

  • Notes

    • Hill View Manor has also been investigated by the Discovery Channel's TV show Ghost Lab in its second season episode "The Betrayal", which aired just a few days earlier in that same week. TAPS also investigated the location in their seventh season Ghost Hunters episode "Hill View Manor".

  • Allusions

    • Gopher Puppet:
      While playing Haunted Golf, a gopher puppet pops up in front of the camera and giggles. This is a tribute to the ultimate golf movie Caddyshack.