Ghost Adventures

Season 1 Episode 8

Old Idaho Penitentiary

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2008 on Travel Channel



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    • Also Appearing:
      Marie Cuff - Eyewitness
      Alicia Mee - Eyewitness
      Dan Hamilton - News Reporter/Eyewitness
      Ellen Hafner - Historian, Tour Guide
      Shawn Bell - Site Employee/Eyewitness
      Steve Dunn - Eyewitness
      Bobby Guerrero - Eyewitness

  • Quotes

    • Male EVP 1: Not my life.
      Male EVP 2: I'm okay.

    • Aaron: (to the man who died inside the showers) I'm sorry that you died in here. I think that's a wrong thing for them to have done. I really think that when you go out, you need to go out...not in a shower. And not naked.

    • Zak: (after hearing a noise near the showers where a man was gang raped to death) We hear you making noises, and I'll tell you what. Because you've been making noises for us, I told you I'd give you a gift. Our gift to you is Aaron.
      Aaron: (looking horrified, locked in the shower room) Dude!

    • Zak: (referring to the spirits said to be haunting the prison) When darkness arrives, seems like they're coming out of their cells to play with us. And I'm ready to play!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Zak: (as he climbs a snake infested hill) The ground is moving! I swear, this is Indiana Jones!
      Zak is making a reference to the 1981 adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which the archaeologist Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford) sees an entire floor of a buried room he has to enter covered with poisonous snakes. At first, he doesn't realize that the snakes are there, however- the floor just seems to be moving.