Ghost Adventures

Season 4 Episode 5

Return To Bobby Mackey's

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2010 on Travel Channel
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Return To Bobby Mackey's

When they first investigated Bobby Mackey's the Crew was physically attacked by unseen forces. When they left, evil spirits followed them home. Now, Zak, Nick and Aaron return to literally confront their demons.

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  • Perfect.

    When they first investigated Bobby Mackey's the Crew was physically attacked by unseen forces. When they left, evil spirits followed them home. Now, Zak, Nick and Aaron return to literally confront their demons.

    overall this episode was perfect and deserves a 10 out of 10

    A +
  • Zak and crew return to Bobby Mackey's for an exciting episode to confront the evil entities that the crew had met there in on of their season 1 episodes.

    This episode has Zak and crew returning back to the place that they said that they didn't want to return to. The episode was a really well done return to Bobby Mackey's with new evidence. They have interviews with the crew telling stories of something evil following them home from their last visit that effected not only the investigators but their friends and family as well. Bobby Mackey's is one of my favorite places that they have investigated to date.

    This episode is well worth a watch with the lights out. They bring in newer equipment that we've seen them use in recent episodes making their findings even more exciting to watch.moreless
  • Self-indulgent and silly episode that eventually leads to an exorcism... after what seems like one of the longest and most boring Ghost Adventures set-ups ever.

    Totally over the top with the demon hunting in this episode. Glowing red eyes, possessions, exorcisms with a guest Bishop, lots of talk of the devil and evil-entities and Hell. Sounds like it could be juicy good... but it wasn't fun, it wasn't scary, and it wasn't much in the way of "legitimate" ghost hunting. Really made me embarrassed to be a fan of the show while watching it. The episode seemed more like it would come from one of those silly psychic spirit-hunting shows that I avoid at all costs. My least favorite G.A. episode for sure.

    P.S., Every time Bob Mackey's employee, Matt, comes on screen, down a shot of tequila. You'll be passed out cold by the time Zak and crew get locked in for the night.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nitpick: In this episode, Bobby Mackey is presented as being a complete sceptic when it comes to hauntings. In the first episode, however, Bobby Mackey was presented as being a believer, and it was said that his wife was the one who refused to believe. In the first episode they also showed a sign posted on the nightclub which stated that the management could not be held responsible for any problems caused by Bobby Mackey's ghosts, which is a very odd sign to have up if you don't think they exist!

    • Also Appearing:
      Nancy Waggoner - Public Event Guest
      Mike Haberman - Public Event Guest
      Matt Coates - Caretaker/Public Event Guest
      Tara Bohren - GAC Event Coordinator
      Bobby Mackey - Owner
      Douglas Hensley - Author, "Heaven's Gate"
      Carl Lawson - Former Caretaker

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Zak: (challenging Bobby Mackey's evil entities) What do you only live in the basement for? You can't come up to the bar?!
      Female EVP: I can't go back in there.

    • Zak: There's so much more to paranormal investigating than walking around with an EMF detector. You can take two sets of paranormal investigators, put them in the same location, and they'll come out with completely different evidence. We take a very strong, emotional approach in what we do. The evidence that we're presenting to you comes with great risk.
      Nick: At the end of the day, when your life, your family is at risk...
      Zak: Is it worth it for us?
      Nick: That's the dangerous question, right there.

    • EVP: (as the Bishop exorcises the building) Don't trust the light.

    • Nick: (trying to get the spirits to interact) I want you guys to come to my voice, right now. I'm calling you out!
      EVP: (whispered) Come to me.

    • Bishop Long: (warning Zak to be constantly vigilant) The mind games... Zak, demonic entities are patient. Just because you say, 'Come get me now', they don't work on your time, they work on theirs.

    • Zak: (after some Event Guests reported something evil followed them home) I think a lot of the people that came to our Bobby Mackey's Live Ghost Hunt Event didn't want to witness what they witnessed, didn't want to experience what they experienced.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The haunted history of Bobby Mackey's has also been the subject of an episode of the paranormal show A Haunting in its second season episode "Gateway to Hell". In the episode, Bobby Mackey and others tell their stories, along with reenactment of the attacks on his family and colleagues.

    • This episode includes footage from the Ghost Adventures Live Public Event held at Bobby Mackey's in 2009. The GAC and a hundred of the show's fans were locked down in the club overnight, and allegedly experienced many strange things. This included some Event Guests who claimed that something followed them home and haunted them there, just as the GAC claimed had happened to them.

    • Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Bobby Mackey's, which they investigated in the show's first season episode "Bobby Mackey's Music World". It would also be investigated by Ghost Hunters in their seventh season episode "Distillery of Spirits".