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  • a photo

    I took a photo in my mother in laws and there was a young girl and I will try and put it on so every can see can anyone tell me what she wants
  • Smack Zak

    This guy annoys me. I love the show but at times I want to throw something at the Tv. I believe about 30% of the activity may be real but it just seems that Zak is always getting at least partially possessed laughable. He always wants to send Aaron in to the really bad spots alone and lastly Nick wants to be Zak so bad he cant stand it LOL he is even wearing the tight shirts. Dude Zak is built for arms look like you have 2 spaghetti noodles hanging out of a trash bag. Ghost hunters are 100% more believable. It seems GAC wants to prove a haunting instead of Disprove it like TAPS. Now at times that makes it more exciting but then again it gets silly too. And someone please stop Zak from his constant use of the double negative "we DEBUNK this as NOT being dust" Come on man , your on Tv for Gods sake. You just said that in fact it IS dust
  • get a life

    This show is the biggest joke on tv these guys over act every thing scares them I have yet to see anything scary
  • Exorcist House

    Congratulations on your 100 episode! I have to say of all my years watching you men investigate the Exorcist House for me, was the scariest.

    Here is to another 100+ episodes.

  • MY HAUNTED HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Zak, Nick, and know a house that is HAUNTED!!!!!!!!!! MINE!!! oh Aaron please don't break any thing (if you come) my parents can't afford to buy more of thees expensive items, ok. (my real name is I have been touched, spoken to, and have seen shadow figures move. Help! There is some thing EVIL here!!!!
  • OMG!!! I want to go with them!! can I ?

    I think all their episodes are awesome . I would be so thrilled if I were able to join them in person on one of their adventures. I have ALWAYS been fascinated with paranormal everything!.
  • Great Show

    Love your show but wood like to see u do a lockdown at the OSO BLANCO in Puerto Rico is a jail lot of death!!!

    I think Zak nick & Aaron are really cool and I always watch there show :)
  • Great Show!!!

    Love this show!!! I would like to see them team up with the cast of Bates Motel since they did a show previously with Jason from Friday the 13th and the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Can you imagine the actor playing the "Psycho" Norman Bates on a lock down? That would definately be a show to watch!!!
  • luv it

    my favourite program of the week. would love to ghost hunt with them in the uk. sooooooo many haunted places to choose from.
  • Great Show.

    I enjoy Ghost Adventures more than just about any other paranormal show currently on the air. Zak, Nick, and Aarons draw the viewer in with their excitement not only for the investigation but also for the history of each location. The guys work really well together and you can tell they enjoy what they do. Their approach to each investigation almost always garners great evidence. The best thing about the show though is the fan interaction. All three guys are very active on Twitter. They chat with fans live during the shows. They also post funny v-blogs on YouTube for each investigation. I highly recommend anyone who enjoys the paranormal genre check out Ghost Adventures. I think you'll love it.
  • Show is getting better

    Love the show, lots of activity lately on the show....
  • not sure

    I like ghost shows and what not but i don't really like the zach character, He comes off as a douche most of the time i feel like he's only doing this show for attention, The last episode i watched another member of his team was saying how he was going to wear a mask in the old munitioons factory and the zach dude freaked out and said no mask they get in the way, Well i am pretty sure you're not that mans father, If he wants to wear a health mask then let him, I would think you'd care about a persons health when going into an old factory like that. Still the only reason i watch this show is due to there's no other ghost show's on at the time i get home. I also find it hard to believe that when they are investigating they find activity so fast but when taps or another ghost team investigate it takes longer. Just my thought's on this show
  • Great show!

    Love this show!!! Every episode is freaking scary and haunting mixed with some comedy...I love it! I can't sleep at night sometimes...Gives me nightmares.
  • Good for a laugh

    I think these guys are, at best, bad actors. I think Zak is a control freak who needs attention and be the "go to" guy. Each time one of the guys sees/hears something, Zak immediately says he did too. His gesturing and facial expressions are so OTT that you just have to laugh. As to the other two, Aaron is really more of a clown. The constant foul language is also unnecessary as it doesn't really add to the realism of the show, if there is any. If these guys are actual paranormal investigators, maybe they should behave a little more seriously.
  • best of luck

    Best show ever. Zak is the cool guy and not so scared, well kind of. Nick is the demand atraction alot. Aaron is the scardey cat funny but sweet and has emotions. alexandria ps i do want to come with you on your adventures they are cool and scarey i want a good scare in my life i am 13 years old on feb 27 hugz and kisses on next adventures.
  • Zak, Nick and Aaron are the leading Paranomal Investigators in the world

    I seriously find that Ghost Adventures has the most activity in one full hour than a full hour of Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State. The edgy and unpredictable themes mesmerize you in every episode. Episodes such as the Bobby Mackey's investigations and the infamous findings with the Ovules and the PX Device are the most profound research tools used by the team. To sum it all up, not a single Paranormal Investigation team is willing to cross the line into places no one else will wander like the Ghost Adventures Crew.
  • Good !

    I enjoy this show very much. The guys have a good chemestry together. But the goofiness at the beginning of the show to make you want to visit (hello travel channel) those places are getting old.
  • I Love This Show Sooooooooooooooooo Much, Totally Real!

    I nevered really believed in ghost. I watched this show and became a total believer. Its weird because I am a girl but I'm a ghost freak. Yea, weird but who cares. I always wanted to face my fears and see a real live ghost or something because of this show! =D

    I always wanted to be a ghost hunter untill......zak got possesed and they have ghost follow them home. Ugh....maybe another time ;)

    Zak: A hot, and awesome leader. Daring and always ready for adventures Zak sets out on a quest to capture some awesome ghosts and demons. He also has a soft heart when he used to see his grandma. His grandma died the after one of there lockdowns and I think something did it. He is brave and doesn't give up untill he gets what he wants!

    Nick: With his first lockdown ever with Zak they stay together. Funny and daring he is ready to be bait for ghosts. Brave and able to walk down those haunted hallways without fear...unless something pops out in front of him! Lol.

    Araron: He joined last but doesn't mean he is the least best! Super funny he is always ready to beat those ghosts. Sometimes scared during lockdowns he usually is bait. Araron has a volg called Araron's volg and he is funny during all them. Taking BIG steps in London, in a storm, everywhere he is funny even when they aren't locked down. The funny part of the ghost adventures crew.

    These people join the VERY BEST ghost show on Tv! They have major guts to go into the most highly active area's in the world! NEVER EVER END THIS SHOW, I would cry if you did because this is my fave show!

  • A place I really would like to them investigate.

    My uncle told me about this place for years, Silver City Ghost Town in Idaho. Guys you really got to do this one. I just love this show, I can't say enough good things about it. You rock and I really wanted my rating to be 10.
  • The bestest show on earth

    hey i love this show it the best i can't go a day without watching this show i wish i was there with you it would be the happiest moment of my live i'm just a ghost freak i love them so i hope you get this
  • Best show of its kind on television.

    My girlfriend and i love Ghost Adventures.Other paranormal shows seem to fall short in comparison. I am from Philly and the show inspired us to go through the old Eastern State Penn.

    I live in New Hampshire now with my girlfriend and i have already seen some crazy stuff. I'm thinking i need an e.m.f meter and an e.v.p meter also.You guys should go to the Windham Restaurant in Windham NH.if you get the chance.Its very old and there is something there...
  • How come????

    This show is cool. But how come you guys don't help the souls pass on to heaven? I watched the episode, Kentucky Slave House 2011..... Zak you asked, "how could I help?" A soul asked for a "Pastor!". You guys just stood there in amazment without doing anything. They are trapped and they cannot leave, or they don't know how! How would you, feel if someone asked if you needed help and they didnt help. They just left you alone in the dark...... For TV entertainment.
  • Just a whole lot of fun to watch!

    I just stumbled upon this show while surfing for something interesting to watch. Now I'm hooked. The show has an immediacy and energy that I really like. All three guys are great in their own way. Zak jumps into every haunted location with both feet. Nick is receptive and observant. Aaron is like your best buddy, and he reacts like I probably would to all the goings on. They work well together and you can feel their connection to each other. I especially like the equipment they use. That word creator gizmo is just awesome, I wish I had one!
  • The best TV show, I have seen, for entertainment,ghost hunting,and complete comedy,I love it!

    To me,I love the show,and I have nothing bad to say about it,Its my favorite show!I love seeing all of the places they go,And Aaron absolutely cracks me up!I dont know why ,people say its fake, they have proven that its not, And I have to say,they have a lot of valuable equipment!that helps them a whole heck of a lot!Nick the sensible one,Aaron the scared one,and Zac the bossy one,If any of them were to leave,it wouldnt work,each of the guys,play off the other,more people must watch this show,in my opinion, its the best on TV!You dont get a show like this very often!
  • Another place to investigate


    I think a great place forGhost Adventuresto investigate is "st. Louis cemetary number 1"!! I think that place might scare them from what i've seen of it... They do a great job and seem to show alot more evidence of the super natural than any other ghost hunting show I have ever seen!!!! Keep it up please!!!

  • Scares me, but only at night.

    This show is pretty creepy and a lot more credible than most ghost hunting shows. It scares me, but only at night. I think this is mostly because my imagination starts acting up. I don't give a lot of credit to some of the stuff on this show, like orbs for example, but most of it is pretty believable. (If you believe in ghosts anyways) They do sometimes over-react at the smallest and most innocent of noises, and sometimes interpret the "voices" they pick up badly. The only thing that really bothers me about this show is the main guy... I can't even remember his name at the moment. But, he's so ridiculously buff. And I don't know why it bothers me. I feel like he's doing this so he can punch ghosts in the face. But anyways, I give it an eight.
  • This is the best ghost hunting show you will see on TV.

    I watch this show every week on Travel Channel or on Youtube and this show is really good. This show is about 3 guys: Zak, Nick and Aaron who go on these ghost hunts at very active paranormal locations to get proof that ghosts exist. A lot of people compare this show to Syfy's Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures are two different perspectives. Ghost Hunters use their scientific evidence to prove that there no hauntings at the location. Ghost Adventures uses objects to taunt the spirits to get evidence from them to prove that ghosts exist. Zak wants to capture what he once saw on film. He saw a spirit of a woman in his place. Almost all of the evidence that Zak, Nick and Aaron find at these haunted locations are real. I noticed some of it was fake like when Zak spit something and it sounded like a spirit saying "Get Out!" That was definetely fake. If you watch the episode from the Old Washoe Club in Nevada, you can actually see a spirit walking in the shot. Another thing that this show has is humor. Ghost Hunters has little to no humor in it since everyone there is practically a robot. Ghost Adventures has a good amount of humor. The guys have lots of fun on the trips. What's also good is that there are no camera crews following them, it's only Zak, Nick and Aaron on the job. Watch this show sometime and you'll enjoy it.
  • I find myself skipping right passed the words "Ghost Adventures" when seeing it on the guide...

    The locations these guys are able to investigate are magnificent. I would love to be these guys! But the reason I always seem to skip right passed this show would have to be because of the main guy, Zak. I don't think there's one technique of his I like. He visits these amazing places, yelling absurd things such as, "Oh my God, guys! Did you hear that???!!! Or "I swear to God, guys, I just heard something!!!!!" I'm pretty sure that's just because he likes to hear his own voice a little too much. Another thing I can't seem to get over with has to be when he goes on and on about he and his crew being "real" or "tough" men. When it comes down to it, he makes one of his poor crew members do all the dirty work. Must be because he doesn't want to mess up his hair. Zak is truely the only reason I can't stand this show, which is why I rated it "Good."
  • There will never be a ghost-hunting show on TV as good as this.

    The story is, a man named Zak Bagans experienced paranormal activity in his old home back in 2005. This made him and his friends Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin to join his ghost-hunting team thus creating the Ghost Adventures.

    They set out in search of spirits while armed with nightvision cameras and digital recorders on this paranormal show based on the Sci-Fi channel documentary. 10 / 10 A +

    Great show, for beginning watchers, here's some episodes you should check out.

    Preston Castle
    Eastern State Penitentary
    Clovis Wolfe Manor
    USS Hornet
    Yorktown Memorial Hospital Linda Vista Community Hosptial
    Old Fort Erie

    Thost are some of my favorite episodes.
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