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  • I like this program.

    I like the whole of me & my partner watch the program every time its on if we are home, i would love to be able to have the equipment n funds to go places and do paranormal investigations as it's something im really into, so i do hope that they will be doing more seasons etc.
  • @sarahcapp

    Me and my sister love the show! And the drewry house is creepy as he'll....
  • Ghost adventure is the best show

    I love zack and wouldn't miss a show for nothing ! Keep it up . Ghost hunter show is crap and does not come close ....
  • Kocham was

    z niedawna zaczem oglda wasz program i jestescie super te odgosy duchw i wogle ta ciemnosc jestescie do Polski moe te s duchy SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am appalled at the negative press about the ghost busters. Especially the piece done by the "medium" in San Diego who is mad because she couldn't investigate with them. She has gone out of her way to really slam them and she is clearly hurt because they didn't include her in a lock down and is showing her wrath because of it.

    Ghost Adventures and its crew have painstakingly and passionately opened the door for millions of viewers to realize that there is life after death. They don't make claims of anything other than spirits are real and they are everywhere. I have had numerous experiences in my life to know that this is true so I believe what they do is real and appreciate how much they repeat their tests to make sure that there is no other explanation other than being authentic spirit communication.

    I am sad that they aren't getting as much air time as they used to and hope that they will return with many more shows and even showing on more evening or daytime TV. The guys are humble, sincere, and very natural, showing their fear when it is appropriate and their excitement when they make contact and have been doing this long enough to where they are very easy on camera and with each other giving the viewers a valid and authentic experience of spirit communication and existence. Thanks GA Crew, you are important and we need you to come back and present us with more shows.

  • Rock-n-Roll Ghost Adventures

    The best show on . Been watching since the beginning!
  • its now on saturday nights

    First of all great show... since watching this show it made me realize the others can not compare! Ghost hunters is so painful to watch and i would usually have to skip to the end pass all of the omg did u c that and blah blah blah. how can i see anything when the camera is pointing at their faces?! ugh! Plus with all those people around most what they call evidence can be faked. my only concern with GA is I didnt like them spending so much time in nerve center also they are not really locked in anymore. the last couple episodes seem to be back on track. I love the different personalities and the content and they can actually back up their evidence unlike the other shows. Looking forward to season 9. I hope they go on to like season 20 lol
  • Exorcist House

    Congratulations on your 100 episode! I have to say of all my years watching you men investigate the Exorcist House for me, was the scariest.

    Here is to another 100+ episodes.

  • MY HAUNTED HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Zak, Nick, and know a house that is HAUNTED!!!!!!!!!! MINE!!! oh Aaron please don't break any thing (if you come) my parents can't afford to buy more of thees expensive items, ok. (my real name is I have been touched, spoken to, and have seen shadow figures move. Help! There is some thing EVIL here!!!!
  • OMG!!! I want to go with them!! can I ?

    I think all their episodes are awesome . I would be so thrilled if I were able to join them in person on one of their adventures. I have ALWAYS been fascinated with paranormal everything!.
  • Great Show

    Love your show but wood like to see u do a lockdown at the OSO BLANCO in Puerto Rico is a jail lot of death!!!

    I think Zak nick & Aaron are really cool and I always watch there show :)
  • Great Show!!!

    Love this show!!! I would like to see them team up with the cast of Bates Motel since they did a show previously with Jason from Friday the 13th and the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Can you imagine the actor playing the "Psycho" Norman Bates on a lock down? That would definately be a show to watch!!!
  • luv it

    my favourite program of the week. would love to ghost hunt with them in the uk. sooooooo many haunted places to choose from.
  • Great show!

    Love this show!!! Every episode is freaking scary and haunting mixed with some comedy...I love it! I can't sleep at night sometimes...Gives me nightmares.
  • best of luck

    Best show ever. Zak is the cool guy and not so scared, well kind of. Nick is the demand atraction alot. Aaron is the scardey cat funny but sweet and has emotions. alexandria ps i do want to come with you on your adventures they are cool and scarey i want a good scare in my life i am 13 years old on feb 27 hugz and kisses on next adventures.
  • Zak, Nick and Aaron are the leading Paranomal Investigators in the world

    I seriously find that Ghost Adventures has the most activity in one full hour than a full hour of Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State. The edgy and unpredictable themes mesmerize you in every episode. Episodes such as the Bobby Mackey's investigations and the infamous findings with the Ovules and the PX Device are the most profound research tools used by the team. To sum it all up, not a single Paranormal Investigation team is willing to cross the line into places no one else will wander like the Ghost Adventures Crew.
  • I Love This Show Sooooooooooooooooo Much, Totally Real!

    I nevered really believed in ghost. I watched this show and became a total believer. Its weird because I am a girl but I'm a ghost freak. Yea, weird but who cares. I always wanted to face my fears and see a real live ghost or something because of this show! =D

    I always wanted to be a ghost hunter untill......zak got possesed and they have ghost follow them home. Ugh....maybe another time ;)

    Zak: A hot, and awesome leader. Daring and always ready for adventures Zak sets out on a quest to capture some awesome ghosts and demons. He also has a soft heart when he used to see his grandma. His grandma died the after one of there lockdowns and I think something did it. He is brave and doesn't give up untill he gets what he wants!

    Nick: With his first lockdown ever with Zak they stay together. Funny and daring he is ready to be bait for ghosts. Brave and able to walk down those haunted hallways without fear...unless something pops out in front of him! Lol.

    Araron: He joined last but doesn't mean he is the least best! Super funny he is always ready to beat those ghosts. Sometimes scared during lockdowns he usually is bait. Araron has a volg called Araron's volg and he is funny during all them. Taking BIG steps in London, in a storm, everywhere he is funny even when they aren't locked down. The funny part of the ghost adventures crew.

    These people join the VERY BEST ghost show on Tv! They have major guts to go into the most highly active area's in the world! NEVER EVER END THIS SHOW, I would cry if you did because this is my fave show!

  • The bestest show on earth

    hey i love this show it the best i can't go a day without watching this show i wish i was there with you it would be the happiest moment of my live i'm just a ghost freak i love them so i hope you get this
  • The best TV show, I have seen, for entertainment,ghost hunting,and complete comedy,I love it!

    To me,I love the show,and I have nothing bad to say about it,Its my favorite show!I love seeing all of the places they go,And Aaron absolutely cracks me up!I dont know why ,people say its fake, they have proven that its not, And I have to say,they have a lot of valuable equipment!that helps them a whole heck of a lot!Nick the sensible one,Aaron the scared one,and Zac the bossy one,If any of them were to leave,it wouldnt work,each of the guys,play off the other,more people must watch this show,in my opinion, its the best on TV!You dont get a show like this very often!
  • Another place to investigate


    I think a great place forGhost Adventuresto investigate is "st. Louis cemetary number 1"!! I think that place might scare them from what i've seen of it... They do a great job and seem to show alot more evidence of the super natural than any other ghost hunting show I have ever seen!!!! Keep it up please!!!

  • There will never be a ghost-hunting show on TV as good as this.

    The story is, a man named Zak Bagans experienced paranormal activity in his old home back in 2005. This made him and his friends Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin to join his ghost-hunting team thus creating the Ghost Adventures.

    They set out in search of spirits while armed with nightvision cameras and digital recorders on this paranormal show based on the Sci-Fi channel documentary. 10 / 10 A +

    Great show, for beginning watchers, here's some episodes you should check out.

    Preston Castle
    Eastern State Penitentary
    Clovis Wolfe Manor
    USS Hornet
    Yorktown Memorial Hospital Linda Vista Community Hosptial
    Old Fort Erie

    Thost are some of my favorite episodes.
  • Three ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin set out in search of spirits while armed with nightvision cameras and digital recorders on this paranormal show based on the Sci-Fi channel documentary.

    I love this show. I think the investigations are very interesting. You always get a good background before the guys go in. SO what if there are not a lot of cameras or crew. The fact that the only cameras are the ones the guys carry is a great perspective. Plus PERSONALITY is the big draw for me. I love these guys. Not only are they cute and eye candy (all three of them!), but they MAKE ME LAUGH. The show is scary, with bits of real reations. I enjoy watching this show, I enjoy watching thier reactions to different situations. I watch the other shows of this nature and this is the show I can watch episodes more than once.
  • I like-a de ghosts

    I like-a de Zak, de Aaron, de Jay, and de Billy too.

    They use technology to find truth. I love that idea. They don't rely on someone else's best practices; they create their own best practices. New tools all the time. Awesome camera work not found on similar shows.
  • GHOST ADVENTURES puts most haunted too absolute shame

    Another great series and definitely worth the watch welldone Zak,Arron and Nick
  • Show is getting better

    Love the show, lots of activity lately on the show....
  • A place I really would like to them investigate.

    My uncle told me about this place for years, Silver City Ghost Town in Idaho. Guys you really got to do this one. I just love this show, I can't say enough good things about it. You rock and I really wanted my rating to be 10.
  • Nopeming Sanitarium

    i believe in spirits and an afterlife and such, however i don't believe this show to be 100% real... however, i mostly watch it for the history of places. one thing that kinda creeps me out though, im watching the Nopeming Sanitarium episode right now, and a year ago i had a dream about it. i never knew it existed and i would have thought id have tricked myself somehow into believing i had dreamed it when i hadnt, except that i kept a dream journal at the time of the dream (i was having a ton of odd nightmares at the time). i just find it weird that i had never known this place existed but yet i had dreamed about it

    i rate this show a 9 for the entertainment and the historical backgrounds on it :)
  • Very Good

    I really think of all the Paranormal Shows this is my favorite.

    The main point is the Crew of Ghost Adventures are there to help, they don't just tell the people whats wrong and leave.

    In my dealings with clients when I had my computer company going some of them were affecting the computer which made me look incompetent.

    The Point I am trying to make was I intuitively new how to protect the equipment I tested it out on the same client, I think I baffled him, LOL.

    We use protection before we enter the building, and I am not talking about SSD's. When I did my First Cleansing I was coached Prior by the Sweat Lodge Leader and he Knew I had forgotten to use the Protection without me telling him I was amazed.

    But the Point is he said to me your Lucky they decided to help you anyways, if not you could have been scratched or most importantly it can go after your Heart or make you sick.

    He was completely right, this thing we were up against was trying to knock our protection out of our hands.

    But that's another story in itself.

    Thanks Guys,

  • Ghost adventure is outlandish

    How can the devil be in seminaries molesting children and outback over at Stonehenge in the mornings? More like mission impossible, which it is!
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