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  • Aaron the Wuss

    Find a real MAN. Aaron NEVER wants to go in and the bickering between Zak and Aaron isn't professional.

    Zak is way too bossy. All the planning should be settled prior to the filming so we don't have to listen to the bickering. Aaron hyperventilates then complains of feeling as if he's gonna pass out. That is exactly what happens when you hyperventilate. Duh! Come on guys, the earlier shows were far superior to what you are producing lately. One last complaint, Zak has the nastiest lingo for a show that is mostly watched by younger fans. Show some class! Hopefully the CREW will read these reviews.
  • Bad Really Bad

    They have gotten evidence on every single investigation. News Flash - This show is as fake as a bad Rolex knockoff. Zak Bagins is a clown who has the preteen girls squealing. He is a really bad actor and self-proclaimed expert on the paranormal. This show has gotten so out of hand it's ridiculous. Seriously if you believe any part of this show is real then you better get some help, because you really need a psychiatrist.
  • Seances? Seriously?

    I've been a follower of the show since inception but when you add the seances, I'm out. Ghosts and spirits are real and it's exciting to watch you hunt them. But seances are definately from the dark side and I don't care to be part of your show drawing negative spirits from the dark side. Very disappointed. Bring back the raw footage!
  • Right on EllieMae.

    Shows like this are so phoney. People who actually believe in these should have their heads examined.
  • Phoniest show on earth!

    I can't believe there are people lame enough to actually enjoy this show. Now that's a scary thought. I've only seen a handful of shows, but its the same thing - the guys pretending something happened, but the audience can't hear or see anything. In the first place, have more respect for the spirit world. Do you really think spirits are going to show themselves to idiots like these guys? I doubt it.
  • I Hate it

    It is so dumb
  • Watch

    Used to love watching this show. 3 unknown innocent guys searching for what lays beyond. Every week was something new to watch and see how they handled the supernatural as it came at them. It was enjoyable and something to make time for. Not so now, I would rather watch paint peel. I don't understand the appeal of Repeats and Aftershocks. Boring and self serving, somebody hoping to become a Star. I'm out.
  • fake...

    Zack is going for rating. Get real Zack.. Seattle Washington .. U r hurting.. Love it..
  • Flim Flam

    All of those "ghost shows" are rubbish. "Ghost Adventures" is akin to a National Lampoon comedy, but only worse. Zak and the gang are in it for the fame and fortune. These guys have absolutely no scientific backgrounds and seriously lack social decadence. And about the only people who take these guys seriously are giddy teenage girls. It doesn't surprise me that rubbish like "Ghost Adventures" remains in production. With so much sub intelligent junk permeating television nowadays it's only a matter of time that another "ghost show" shall surface. When will this insanity cease and desist?
  • not sure

    I like ghost shows and what not but i don't really like the zach character, He comes off as a douche most of the time i feel like he's only doing this show for attention, The last episode i watched another member of his team was saying how he was going to wear a mask in the old munitioons factory and the zach dude freaked out and said no mask they get in the way, Well i am pretty sure you're not that mans father, If he wants to wear a health mask then let him, I would think you'd care about a persons health when going into an old factory like that. Still the only reason i watch this show is due to there's no other ghost show's on at the time i get home. I also find it hard to believe that when they are investigating they find activity so fast but when taps or another ghost team investigate it takes longer. Just my thought's on this show
  • Good for a laugh

    I think these guys are, at best, bad actors. I think Zak is a control freak who needs attention and be the "go to" guy. Each time one of the guys sees/hears something, Zak immediately says he did too. His gesturing and facial expressions are so OTT that you just have to laugh. As to the other two, Aaron is really more of a clown. The constant foul language is also unnecessary as it doesn't really add to the realism of the show, if there is any. If these guys are actual paranormal investigators, maybe they should behave a little more seriously.

    These Guys are a joke ! Talk about fake and over acting. This guy reminds me of JOHHNY BRAVO. If you want to watch real ghost trackers in action watch SYFY'S GHOST HUNTERS. These guys are awesome ! They are professional, and no they don't experience the volume of encounters with the other side that the ghost adventures do, but then again, most of what the ghost adventures do is fake garbage made for entertainment only. lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame. lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame !!
  • The only appeal this show has is that you keep watching because you can't believe how bad it is.

    These three guys seem to be the absolute worst guys you remember from college only they are far too old to be acting that immature. Zak walks around (constantly stooped down as to avoid an unseen drop kick from a ghost?)provoking the spirits by cursing like a drunk sailor and offering up one of the other guys for sacrifice. Honestly, if you need to curse that much then get your show on HBO. It's like watching CSI and having the bodies, blood, and gore blurred out. If your doing (yet another) paranormal investigating show could you use people who can manage a complete sentence without the use of the f-word? I'm not a prude, I just find the constant beeping to be obnoxious. Also, I can only assume that Zak uses a ridiculous amount of hair gel to protect his head from falling objects.
  • Fake, Fake, Fake

    Worst acting ever! Over dramatic. I hate it when they turn on that machine that makes a loud racket! And all the yelling. It reminds me of that Bigfoot show with the 5 old men in the woods trying to sneak up on Bigfoot while running and yelling!!

    Please try to do better on future episodes.

  • Samaritan Cult House

    To be blunt the show was good, you garnered good results but at what cost? Why on earth are you calling in a demonologist to contact a demon in order to call up another love you guys, but Zak I feel your efforts put Jay at risk and this is not the first time. Sometimes even if they guys say they'll do it, you have to step up and say no, its too dangerous. You should have spent more time trying to get evidence without having to draw out you know who on the Ouija board. Things are getting too dicey, and at what cost. Sometimes you can't undo somethings that's been set into still love you guys, and you've got the best to that recipe, its what made you what you are today. Take care and be well!
  • Used to love back in 2006-2013 ish

    Now there is a bunch of theatrics, acting, fake-ness, music, sound effects, stupid filming additives. LAME. Lets add blood and gore, and lets have the network add whatever they want as well... I know, lets take the whole show from what it was (3 dudes with cameras and gear) and totally copy every other ghost horse poop show. Lame guys. Disappointed.
  • Don't LIke How Josh Treats Aaron At Times

    I watch this show all the like the different places these guys go and the history behind some of the places they only thing I don't like is the way Josh treats Aaron at gets on him for some things he may say or when he drops something does this right in front of all the people watching this know I'm not the only one that notices has made me so mad at times for the way he treats Aaron I have turned the show feel sorry for Aaron at times and wonder why he allows Josh to say some of the things he does to him and even screams at act like a bully at times and need to lighten up on Aaron after all he is your friend and you never talk to Nick the way you do him at times.
  • this is crap

    While I adore Ghost adventures, If the website is free, the shows should be as well. why do we have to buy each and every one?
  • Zak needs to chill out and take himself a lot less seriously.

    I've watched a few episodes of this show and it's pretty pointless. The group of three goes to some supposedly haunted building, has themselves locked in for the night, and proceeds to wander around in the dark cursing. And that's it. This so-called investigative team doesn't offer much in the way of explanation, or evaluation, just some occasionally possibly/maybe ghostly footage. If your looking for scares or for insight, go to Ghost Hunters.

    Did I mention they curse a lot? I mean incessantly. Every other word they utter is some foul-mouthed expletive, most of which are bleeped. They do not realize they're taping a TV show? The main offender is the team's leader, Zak. He cusses at the spirits, he cusses when they hear a noise, he cusses because nothing is happening. It's hard to follow what's happening because so many of his words are bleeped. He reminds me of an 6th grader who's trying to prove how cool he is by using lots of dirty words. Let me just cut to the chase: this Zak character is trying so hard to prove how cool and macho he is, he's unbearable to watch. He preens around each episode swaggering like John Wayne, always wearing a tight or cut-off t-shirt to show his big biceps. He spouts an endless stream of curse words and gives off a vibe like the guy in the bar who just wants to start a fight so he can show off for the girls. Maybe you can get a few laughs out of watching him, but he just makes me cringe. Take a chill pill, DUDE.
  • get a life

    This show is the biggest joke on tv these guys over act every thing scares them I have yet to see anything scary
  • The show in brief? Three guys with cameras stumble around in the dark, curse a lot and get a lot of chills.

    Ghost Adventures is good for the occasional chill and a laugh, but nothing more. When compared to Ghost Hunters, the investigative team in Ghost Adventures does not do much to debunk or analyze the evidence. Every voice, bump, knock, shadow or a bug flying in front of the camera is immediately marked as evidence of "spirit activity", with no attempt to come up with more rational explanations first.

    They get a lot of evidence in each episode, but go through it only briefly and debunking any of it happens very rarely. Instead they do things such as hearing a voice, the camera clearly showing that one of the guys reacts to it with a sharp intake of breath. Later when they go to "review" the evidence, they let the EVP-expert believe that the investigator's sigh is also paranormal, although the audience already knows that it certainly is not. It does not matter if you are a believer or a sceptic; if you watch this show, you would assume that the investigative team at least tried to be convincing.

    Still, the show is entertaining to watch but nowhere as professionally made as Ghost Hunters. A good thing about Ghost Adventures is how much time they spend going through the location in the beginning of each episode, as the stories from the residents and the history of the location is always very fascinating to hear.
  • Hero to Zero

    Have followed this show since it's inception and it's gone from hero to zero over the the past couple of years. The only episode I have really liked from season 12 is the Tudor House, the rest have been underwhelming to say the least. I agree with comment below mine, there really is too many lame theatrics nowadays which I find disrespectful and contradictory to their attitude and mission of "helping" the ghosts. I also want to see more of Aaron, Billy and Jay, the focus seems to be all about Zak more than ever now. He comes across as overacting, overbearing and honestly, a bit bossy. I feel this detracts from the show and dynamic of the relationships as well as had an affect the quality and consistency of their evidence.
  • Total crap

    The opening of his "fans" loving him should be the first clue that its total fake. Nice acting.

    With that rest of the show is a joke. I roll my eyes often than not. These guys would poop themself if they ever REALLY had a true spirit encounter.
  • Professionalism

    I like your show but don't like the unprofessional yelling of "WHOA" when someone manifests themselves or makes requested sounds. If you're afraid, let someone else do it.
  • New Orleans episode

    When Arron is sitting on the attic stairway there are four evp's in a row, the second they claim says "they're coming". It is clearly a commercial female voice saying "1-800" proving there is interference and every peice of evidence captured with the spirit box cannot be believed.

    I grew up in a house with activity, I know it exists, but it's made me question every piece of "evidence" they catch and has left me not able to take it seriously anymore.
  • "Sharon Tate Ghost/The Oman House"

    Big fan - love you guys - I never miss an episode - but I was very disappointed in this one - you guys could of done better if you had a clear mind going into the investigation - everyone got freaked out before you even started. I think most of the "symptoms" everyone was having were due to listening to all the stories before you began. It's amazing that Dave Oman who lives there everyday isn't freaked out and appears fine... I know you guys are experienced and smart - trust your gut and not what other people say about their experiences to cloud your mind. I hope you do follow-up investigation at the Oman House. Hope to hear a reply! Thanks
  • It is hard to summerize a show that doesn't have a lot of episodes. Although I would have to admit that some of the places Zak,Aaron, & Nick have been to should have been aproached differently. Some "spirits" should be treated with great respect.

    I have to agree that the drama gets poured on heavily. I think that it is his personality. However, if the footage is real they got the first time they went to the Washoe Club, that was pretty amazing! I bet other paranormal investagators would sell some part of their body to get evidence like that! I will admit the way they approach investagations has slapped some interesting footage in their laps. I am ready to see what places they have been going to that will be shown in the next season. I am also interested in seeing if they have made any changes in the way they do investagations.
  • Smack Zak

    This guy annoys me. I love the show but at times I want to throw something at the Tv. I believe about 30% of the activity may be real but it just seems that Zak is always getting at least partially possessed laughable. He always wants to send Aaron in to the really bad spots alone and lastly Nick wants to be Zak so bad he cant stand it LOL he is even wearing the tight shirts. Dude Zak is built for arms look like you have 2 spaghetti noodles hanging out of a trash bag. Ghost hunters are 100% more believable. It seems GAC wants to prove a haunting instead of Disprove it like TAPS. Now at times that makes it more exciting but then again it gets silly too. And someone please stop Zak from his constant use of the double negative "we DEBUNK this as NOT being dust" Come on man , your on Tv for Gods sake. You just said that in fact it IS dust
  • I find myself skipping right passed the words "Ghost Adventures" when seeing it on the guide...

    The locations these guys are able to investigate are magnificent. I would love to be these guys! But the reason I always seem to skip right passed this show would have to be because of the main guy, Zak. I don't think there's one technique of his I like. He visits these amazing places, yelling absurd things such as, "Oh my God, guys! Did you hear that???!!! Or "I swear to God, guys, I just heard something!!!!!" I'm pretty sure that's just because he likes to hear his own voice a little too much. Another thing I can't seem to get over with has to be when he goes on and on about he and his crew being "real" or "tough" men. When it comes down to it, he makes one of his poor crew members do all the dirty work. Must be because he doesn't want to mess up his hair. Zak is truely the only reason I can't stand this show, which is why I rated it "Good."
  • There's no "I" in TEAM!

    When I first saw the "Ghost Adventures" trio a couple of years ago in the original documentary ("4Reel's Ghost Adventures") I was impressed with their guerilla ghost-hunting style and admittedly freaked out by some of the footage. Who could ever forget the chilling sequence in the basement of the Goldfield Hotel? Yikes. Their reaction to those rocks flying through the air, thrown by an invisible and apparently angry entity, was 100% genuine. I know they don't like to admit they're ever scared but I remember thinking, jeez, these guys are absolutely terrified!

    These guys have done well and in my opinion "Ghost Adventures" and SyFy's "Ghost Hunters International" (far more interesting than its tedious counterpart, the original "Ghost Hunters") are the very best of the "paranormal reality" genre currently on t.v.

    HOWEVER: Something must be done about Zak Bagans. His grandstanding and constant attention-grabbing antics are going to ruin this show if he doesn't tone it down. I watched the one-hour condensed version of the seven-hour live Halloween special the other night and about 3/4 of the way through I had to turn it off because he literally never stopped shouting at the top of his voice the entire episode! His combative baiting of the spirits has become tiresome and I find myself sometimes actually feeling sorry for the ghosts who have to listen to him for 12 hours. Nick and Aaron are barely heard from anymore. I like those two very much and admire Nick's quiet strength and Aaron's willingness to go way outside his comfort level.

    I really hope the producers of this show will rein Zak in some for the sake of the team and the future success of "Ghost Adventures."
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