Ghost Adventures - Season 4

Saturday 9:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Oct 17, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Loretta Lynn's Plantation House
    The GAC investigate the former plantation home of singer Loretta Lynn in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.
  • Tooele Hospital
    Episode 28
    This week the guys investigate Salt Lake City's Tooele Hospital.
  • 5/13/11
    The GAC travel to Kentucky to investigate the Maysville Slave House.
  • 4/29/11
    Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Tennessee to investigate the Hales Bar Marina on Lake Nickajack, as well as the former hydroelectric dam which now serves as the resort's dry dock. But evil spirits aren't the only thing the guys have to dodge- tornadoes also disrupt the investigation.
  • Sacramento Tunnels
    Episode 25
    The GAC investigate the Sacramento Tunnels, as well as two other hot spots located in the town above the tunnels. A former mining town, Sacramento, California has seen its share of death and destruction from floods, cholera and massive fires. Zak, Nick and Aaron begin their investigation together in the tunnels beneath the city, then the Old Eagle Theatre and the Original California Supreme Court.moreless
  • 4/8/11
    Zak faces his greatest fear when he returns to his hometown of Las Vegas to investigate stories of ghosts walking the corridors of Madame Tussads Wax Museum.
  • Yorktown Hospital
    Episode 23
    Zak, Nick and Aaron are in Texas this week investigating the Yorktown Memorial Hospital.
  • Jerome Grand Hotel
    Episode 22
    The Ghost Adventures Crew return to Arizona to investigate the Jerome Grand Hotel, which formerly served as the United Verde Hospital, and saw the deaths of thousands of its patients over its history.
  • 2/18/11
    Everyone has heard of the Salem Witch Trials held in 1692, when hundreds of people were accused of selling their souls to the Devil in return for supernatural powers. Twenty people were executed as witches and warlocks, but some say they still linger in there former village, demanding justice, and many have been witnessed in the Lyceum Restaurant. Other paranormal events have been witnessed at Salem's oldest building The Witch House, which was the former residence of Judge Corwin who sentenced so many of the innocent citizens of Salem to hang.moreless
  • Valentine's Day Special
    The GAC travel to Sudbury, Massachusetts to investigate Longfellow's Wayside Inn, which is famous for its female spirit waiting for her lover to return to her from the sea. Will the guys come in close contact with this amorous spirit which some say has become a succubus, or will they be stood up by her?moreless
  • 1/21/11
    Zak and his team visit Bonnie Springs Ranch in Nevada, a wild west theme park in Nevada built on an actual settler's camp in the Red Rock Canyon just outside the Las Vegas strip. By day a tourist attraction, but by night the location takes on a whole new atmosphere. Will the GAC find the spirits of old gunslingers and Native Americans, or is there something worse waiting in the sagebrush to bushwhack them?moreless
  • Goldfield
    Episode 18
    Zak, Nick and Aaron return to the dusty old ghost town where they got some of their first, and strongest evidence of the paranormal: Goldfield, Nevada. The Goldfield Hotel has become one of the most famous haunted locations in the world, due in part to the video evidence captured by Zak and Nick.moreless
  • Pico House Hotel
    Episode 17
    Zak, Nick and Aaron are joined by another team of paranormal investigators as they locked down in a former hotel where Chinese immigrants were attacked and brutally killed during a race riot in 1871.
  • Kells Irish Pub
    Kells Irish Pub
    Episode 16

    The Ghost Adventures Crew head to Seattle to investigate Kells Irish Pub. But they haven't come for the spirits sold at the bar, but rather for those of the dead souls trapped in the building, which used to be a mortuary and crematorium.

  • 12/10/10

    Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Villisca, Iowa, to investigate a house stained by the blood of eight brutal murders almost 100 years ago. Will they find the spirits of the axe murders lingering in its halls reliving their terrifying deaths, or does something even darker lurk in its shadows?

  • Old Fort Erie
    Episode 14

    The Ghost Adventures Crew cross the border to investigate Ontario's Fort Erie. Built on the Niagara River in 1764 to consolidate England's newly won territory after the French and Indian War, the Fort was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the War of 1812.

  • 11/26/10

    Zak and his team travel to Death Valley to investigate the haunted Amargosa Opera House, which has been removated into a hotel. Will the spirits there welcome the GAC, or will the fat lady sing for Zak and Co?

  • Fort Chaffee
    Episode 12

    Camp Chaffee was built on 70,000 acres of Arkansas farmland in 1941 as the US was building up its forces to join the fighting of WWII. Renamed Fort Chaffee in 1956, this military complex has been used to train Army soldiers for combat, hold German POW's in the 1940's, and housed refugees from Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon and Cubans after the Mariel Boatlift.

  • La Palazza
    La Palazza
    Episode 11

    Zak investigates a hometown haunt, the La Palazza Mansion of Las Vegas, Nevada. This dream home became a nightmare for its owner when the spirits of its former inhabitants, members of the local mafia, set out to prove that even in death this place belongs to the mob.

  • USS Hornet
    Episode 10

    It's a GAC first, as Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the USS Hornet, a WWII era aircraft carrier which saw service in the Pacific War Theater.

  • Vulture Mine
    Episode 9

    The GAC investigate the Vulture Mine in the ghost town of Vulture City, Arizona. Once one of the richest gold mines in Arizona, men made fortunes and lost them almost overnight, driving some to the depths of despair. Could it be that some of their uneasy spirits still roam the city that time has forgotten?

  • Hill View Manor
    Episode 8

    Zak, Nick and Aaron visit New Castle, Pennsylvania's Hill View Manor. This former Lawrence County Poor Farm and nursing home is said to be haunted by many of its former inhabitants and workers. Will they come out and play with the GAC?

  • Stanley Hotel
    Episode 7

    The GAC travel to Estes Park, Colorado to investigate the infamous Stanley Hotel, the haunted resort that inspired Stephen King's novel The Shining.

  • Waverly Hills
    Episode 6

    Zak and his team visit Louisville's Waverly Hills Sanatorium, where it's been estimated 60,000 plus people have died.

  • Return To Bobby Mackey's

    When they first investigated Bobby Mackey's the Crew was physically attacked by unseen forces. When they left, evil spirits followed them home. Now, Zak, Nick and Aaron return to literally confront their demons.

  • Rolling Hills Sanitarium

    Zak and his crew travel to New York's Rolling Hills Asylum, which formerly served as a poor house, orphanage, and insane asylum.

  • Gettysburg
    Episode 3

    The Ghost Adventures crew visit Gettysburg, the site of the pivotal and bloody Civil War battle. While there, they attempt to make contact with the soldiers who perished there, as well as the brutal woman who ran a local orphanage and the tormented spirits of children she mistreated.

  • 9/10/10

    The Ghost Adventures crew shares some of the show's scariest moments from the first three seasons.

  • 9/10/10

    Ghost Adventures returns to the airwaves with a special to re-examine the crew's best evidence of the paranormal.