Ghost Adventures - Season 5

Saturday 9:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Oct 17, 2008 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Old Charleston Jail
    Episode 10

    Zak, Nick, and Aaron investigate an old jail in Charleston, South Carolina. During its 137 years in operation, the Old Charleston Jail held within its stone walls some of the city's most notorious convicts. Some have been vindicated by history; others are remembered as monsters. For a few, their guilt or innocence remains a mystery.

  • Rose Hall
    Episode 9

    GAC heads international towards Montego Bay n northern Jamaica where they will do a two part lockdown, with both locations being Rose Hall, which is home to the spirit of Annie Palmer aka "The White Witch", and as an invitation, the crew investigates their second celebrity home, where Johnny Cash used to live. Both buildings are connected because they are on the same land, known as the Rose Hall Plantation.

  • Rocky Point Manor
    Episode 8

    The crew searches for ghosts inside a centuries-old Kentucky home that was used as a makeshift field hospital during the Civil War. They also investigate an the Civil War battlefield at Perryville, Kentucky.

  • 11/11/11

    Zak, Nick and Aaron return to the city where they captured some of their most compelling paranormal evidence. On this visit, they investigate three locations: the St Mary's Art Center, the Silver Queen Hotel, and the Miner's Cabin at the Gold Hill Hotel.

  • Letchworth Village
    Episode 6

    This week, the Ghost Adventures Crew head to New York's Letchworth Village, a former residential community for the developmentally disabled, closed after it was revealed that the patients and even some of the staff were criminally mistreated.

  • 10/21/11

    Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Fall River, Massachusetts to visit the site of one of the most infamous murder cases in American history.

  • 10/14/11

    This week the GAC are in San Jose, California to investigate the Winchester Mystery House. Told by a fortune teller that the spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifles would kill her as soon as the house was finished being built, Mrs Winchester had workers adding, changing and rearranging her twisting labyrinth of a house until the day she died. But even then, the house seemed toremain full of unsettled spirits...

  • Old Town San Diego
    Episode 3

    Zak and his crew take on a multi-part lockdown in Old Town San Diego, including the Casa de Estudillo and the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant.

  • Mizpah Hotel
    Episode 2

    Zak, Nick, and Aaron head to Tonapah, NV, to revisit and hold a quick investigation at their first location together pre-Ghost Adventures Show- The Castle House. Then, it's onto the Mizpah Hotel.

  • Ashmore Estates
    Episode 1

    The GAC get season five rolling with a trip to the former Ashmore Estates in Ashmore, Illinois. Opened in 1870 as a poor house, it later served as a psychiatric hospital until 1986. But have all of its former denizens moved on, or is there something evil lurking within its shadows?