Ghost Adventures

Season 4 Episode 6

Waverly Hills

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on Travel Channel
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Zak and his team visit Louisville's Waverly Hills Sanatorium, where it's been estimated 60,000 plus people have died.

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  • Great

    Zak and his team visit Louisville's Waverly Hills Sanatorium, where it's been estimated 60,000 plus people have died.

    The history with the doppleganger and creeper was disturbing and I'm surprised that they went there for that reason alone, overall, it takes balls to go there and the EVPs were great.

    Overall this episode gets a 8 out of 10
  • Compelling shadow figures!

    As usual, for the sake of simplicity, I will simply make the following disclaimer: if I don't discuss a specific EVP, one can make the assumption that I think it was just background noise and nothing remotely paranormal. (And seriously, if they want to get EVPs that can be taken seriously, they need to put the recorders down and eliminate their own movements and noise! I guarantee, they wouldn't get a quarter of the "EVPs" they keep claiming they get!)

    Waverly Hills has been a key destination spot for a few years now, so it's interesting to note that not so long ago, almost no one paid it any attention. Now there is a huge amount of folklore built around the site. Certain groups have worked with the Mattinglys (the owners) over the years to generate that folklore, but the facts don't support much of what is said. (In fact, some of the stories mentioned in this episode are embellished, more graphic versions of the stories told on other shows, suggesting that the details have been "filled in" to make them more gruesome.)

    One old item, the claims that tens of thousands of people (supposedly one a minute!) died do not hold up to historical records. The total death toll, over the course of about 50 years, has only been estimated in the thousands. Logically, it would not be unusual for any major hospital, open from 1910 to roughly 1960, to have so many people die within its halls, let alone one devoted to the treatment of tuberculosis patients! It is also interesting to note that the Mattinglys intend to use the money generated by ghost hunts and such to renovate the property into a hotel catering to the paranormal investigative crowd.

    But isn't it odd that despite all the various times that the Ghost Hunters franchise has come to Waverly Hills, never mind all the various documentaries and such, that the stories of the Doppelganger and the Creeper have never come up?

    And there have been many questions over the years surrounding some of the investigators associated with Waverly Hills. Some former members of local groups accused other investigators of fabricating events during ghost tours and ghost hunts to "put the site on the map". While there's no definitive proof, it's an unfortunate truth that such things happen.

    Between the questions surrounding the historical record, and the allegations regarding some of the cited reports of activity, who knows what reports are accurate, and which are mere legend? But the fact remains that this was a very sad and chilling location, and it has gained a huge reputation as one of the most active sites in the United States. I don't know any investigator who wouldn't want to go there and see if the legends, however questionable some of the claims may be.

    All that said, I was intrigued when Zak caught the EVP and whistle during the tour segment of the episode. Both were very clear. Of course, it certainly fed into the excitement of the team to be locked down in the location, and perhaps understandably so!

    I'm not sure what that piece of equipment with the antenna and the funny colored lights was supposed to be. Aaron called it a "E-pod", I believe. Based on what I could find about it, the device would be ridiculously susceptible to RF signals, cell phones signals, etc. It may even have a motion sensor to detect vibrations. It would certainly explain why it was going off while Aaron was putting it down. And for the record, the noises are coming from the direction that Aaron went, so why wouldn't they even check to see if it was him? That entire "session" left me more than a little skeptical.

    Zak claims that if the Mel Meter alarms, it is detecting a ghost. It should be first noted that there is no proof to support such a claim; that is simply what Zak believes. It should also be noted that the Mel Meter is susceptible to RF signals, cell phones signals, etc, just like the K-II and (if the information is correct) the E-pod. As no attempt is made to determine the frequency causing the "alarm" to trigger due to an EMF spike, it could easily be a false positive.

    I have often commented that the GA team mistakes animal noises for ghostly moaning. That happens with Aaron in this episode. The "disembodied moaning" sounds like a dog howling in the distance! But then, Aaron admits to being seriously spooked, which certainly explains a lot. I mean, he even asks Zak if he's "the real Zak"!

    I'm not sure what I think of the "shadow figure" footage. It's definitely interesting, and I'd be sending that out for serious analysis if my team had captured anything remotely similar during any investigation. I'd consider that a lot more substantial than any of the EVPs they claim to have captured. (And for the record, the team used for analysis, APRA, does not seem to have any previous ties to the GA team, so that eliminates the most obvious conflict of interest.)

    The funny thing is, this episode has the least amount of investigation of any episode so far this season, yet it yielded some of the most interesting footage I've seen on the show to date.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Also Appearing:
      Tina Mattingly - Owner of Waverly Hills Sanatorium
      David Mullins - Waverly Hills Guide
      Scott Gray - Waverly Hills Guide
      Mike Flickner - Waverly Hills Guide
      Shirlene Edwards Waverly Hills Guide
      Bridget Odien - American Paranormal Research Association, Member
      Brandon Alris - American Paranormal Research Association, Founder

    • Zak uses a piece of equipment called a Mel meter, saying that it can register ghostly energy and alert them to paranormal activity. Basically, a Mel meter simultaneously measures AC/DC EMF fluctuations and ambient temperature. Cold spots and high EMF fields with no natural sources are both postulated as being signs of spirits attempting to manifest themselves.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Child EVP: (in a whisperine sing song voice) Yer not gonna make it!

    • Aaron: (going alone to investigate an active area) Just, someone stay where...
      Zak: (impatiently) Obviously!
      Aaron: Well, a minute ago it took four tries to get you guys over here, so...
      Zak: Well, you're the bait. We're just watching our bait right now to see if it gets nibbled on. We see your bobber going up and down, we'll reel you back in.

    • Aaron: (sent down a dark corridor alone) I'm at the end of Creepville, right now!

    • Zak: Come over here and stand with me.
      Child EVP: That would be evil...

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