Ghost Hunt

Season 1 Episode 1

FILE 1: Evil Spirits All Over?! #1

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Mai and her friends are exchanging ghost stories when a young man turns on the lights. Mai immediately notices something in his eyes and she becomes suspicions. She confronts the young man named Shibuya Kazuya and finds out that he works for the Shibuya Psychic Research.
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      • Main Characters
        Mai Taniyama (High School Student)
        Kazuya Shibuya (Paranormal researcher)
        Lin Koujo (Shibuya's guardian)
        Houshou Takigawa (Buddhist monk)
        Ayako Matsuzaki (Priestess)
        John Brown (Australian exorcist priest)
        Masako Hara (Spirit medium)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Signs of a poltergeist:
        1. Unexplained noises such as banging, rapping or knocking or things being moved around or dropped. Noises such as the sound of footsteps or whispers (most likely muffled) like moaning or crying very clearly or an unexplained voice of animals' calling on video or audio tape recorded in the house or area.

        2. Doors or cupboards being repeatedly opened and/or closed-this can be seen, heard or both.

        3. Things being moved around anything from furniture to car keys normally kept on the kitchen counter showing up under the couch.

        4.Objects moving or levitating dinner dishes being moved across the table or glasses seeming to pick themselves up

        5.Electrical problems Lights turning themselves off or on or televisions changing channels televisions and radios playing while they are unplugged, also any unusual flickering of the lights or unexplained "streaks of light "being seen.

        6. Animals would be behaving strangely like attacking or being afraid of something which appears to be invisible.

        7. Unusual Noises such as the sound of footsteps when no one is around or unexplained voices, most likely very muffled or whispers like moaning or crying very clearly or an unexplained voice of animals' calling on video or audio tape recorded in the house or area

        8.Feelings of being watched or touched, as if you are touched by an invisible force, sometimes making depressions on the furniture or flooring. Sometimes there may be some injuries on the person's body for no apparent reason.

        9. Cold or hot spots these may appear in the same spot all the time or can move around a house or area

        10.Strange smells or odours any odour you know is not common for the area such as cigar/pipe smoke, unusual colognes, the smell of rot.