Ghost Hunt

Season 1 Episode 4

FILE 2: Doll House #1

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

This case starts in July. It takes place in a house which belongs to Noriko. Strange occurrences start to happen like door opening when no one touches it and knocking when no one is in the rooms. As usual, they set up the base and the cameras and all the other instruments for the investigations. Not only are the SPR involved in this, Matsuzaki and Takigawa have come to try on the case too.

Mai starts by giving a little explanation of what might be the problem but it was more of what she learnt in the first case she was involved in. However, poltergeist manifestations happen in young teenagers meaning those who haven't reached puberty but Noriko is twenty years meaning she is well beyond puberty.

He uses the same hypnotises method to see if it is the culprit behind this was a human or not. If it was, the vase would move. It turns out to be even worse. Everything in Ayami's room was at all angles that night and everything in the living room was overturned. The house probably knows that there are intruders and are angry so it responds.

On top of that, the next morning the vase was not even moved at all. Matsuzaki performs a ritual the next morning and again she says that the case is solved. Kana was at the stove when it suddenly it burst into flames. When they extinguish the fire, Mai lifts up her here to see a child at the window staring at them from the outside but when Shibuya checks, there was no one there. When Noriko asks Ayami if she was at outside the kitchen window, she said that she was not there. The more Noriko insisted, Ayami cried out her innocence and suddenly there was a loud knocking, the more Ayami cried out, the stronger and louder the knocking got. Then they headed back to the room, where they did more investigations. During that time, the temperature in Ayami's room started to drop to freezing point. It is possible that Ayami was causing the poltergeist phenomenon.

Kana came into the room to give Ayami her snack but she keeps silent. Kana shouts at her in anger. Ayami explains to Noriko that Kana is trying to make her dad her servant and that the snack is poisoned, she says that that was what Minnie told her. That night, Mai dreams of Shibuya telling her that Ayami is in danger.

Shibuya finds out that Ayami's doll, Minnie, can talk to her. Noriko tells Shibuya that Ayami changed after the doll was given to her. Ayami is very protective over her doll, Minnie, and so they decide to take it from her while she was asleep. Mai puts Minnie on the bed sitting up but the next moment, she is lying face down.
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