Ghost Hunt

Season 1 Episode 10

FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #4

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Masako is sent to the hospital after she falls out of the building while checking out the place and falls victim to the curse that has been placed in the school and the group has yet to find the cause of the curse yet. The prime suspect was Kasai as she was the only one in the school who claimed that she could do spoon bending but Mai refuses to believe that Kasai was the one behind all the strange happenings as she was trusting her own judgement, Shibuya collapses out of exhaustion during his instructions on what to do with all the dolls that have been found around the entire school compound that could have caused the weird happenings, getting everyone all worried about him.

Lin takes Shibuya to the hospital while the rest of them stay and clear up the dolls by burning them. Mai is really worried about Shibuya as she thinks that he is possessed by the spirit when they fell into the well while she was checking it out and the spirit pulled her in and Shibuya fell in together with her as she did not let go of him with she fell and in the well, they encountered a spirit which meant that there was another doll in the manhole. Takigawa reassure Mai that everything would be fine and they would continue to carry out the instructions as told. After burning the dolls, Takigawa and Matsuzaki noticed that Mai had disappeared even though they saw that she came back with them. Mai went to look for Kasai and tells her that she would not let the culprit behind all the accidents to go freely, however, she was not refering to Kasai.She just wanted Kasai to know how she felt about the case and that she felt that Kasai was not the culprit of the accidents as the voice in her heart was whispering to her and Mai could only follow what she felt.

Shibuya enters the hospital because he collapsed out of enhaustion, the good news was that he already had in mind who the culprit was and Takigawa immediately pin-pointed Kasai as she was the most suspicious one in the entire school who could do strange things that other students could not do, so he considers the case done. In the meanwhile, Shibuya had left a message for Kasai, Takahashi and Ubusuna to come to the hospital but they did not know that it was for a questioning session that was supposed to get the real culprit out. The small exchange of words allowed Shibuya to solve the entire case, as he explained that the dolls would not have any effect after it is extinguished and the entire process required a lot of spiritual power and Kasai did not have any powers and so it definitely was not her.Shibuya uncovered the real culprit was Ubusuna as the culprit could strike during the Kasai Panic period, Ubusuna did not exactly know the girl but she knew that the girl was the one lashing out at Kasai and so she cursed the desk. Ubusuna herself was also isolated from the other teachers as she did not deny the psychic abilities that a human can possess. In order to curse a person, the full name must be known to the person who wants to curse and only Masako, Shibuya and Mai told Ubusuna their full names. The reason why she was cursing them was that she heard from Kasai that Shibuya was a diviner meaning he would know the form of curse from the beginning and so she wanted to get rid of him, she cursed Mai as she was the only one who stuck with her intuition about Kasai not being the culprit.

Ubusuna wanted to protect Kasai's talent as she was once like Kasai, ridiculed by the media and her friends, the reason why she learnt it was that there was a time dating back to her school days, there was a trick about the bending of spoons and Ubusuna claimed that she could do the bending of spoons once in a while and so when she could not do it, she adopted the trick of pressing the spoon against the chair to bend the spoon. Ubusuna did the curses as a prank to warn the people who have insulted Kasai or hurt her, she thought it as a way of retribution to those who made fun of them and their abilities to bend spoons. Shibuya tells of an incident exactly like Yoshino's and it nearly cost a life and was no laughing matter nor was it a prank to begin with. Even at the last moment when the case ended, she would not let it rest and decided to give her last shot but was caught by Shibuya. Shibuya tells Ubusuna to take a break and stop the pranks or it could cause someone's life and by making a curse, it needs a lot of time, mental and physical power to make one and so she really did need a break after seeing the number of dolls she had made.
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