Ghost Hunt

Season 1 Episode 13

FILE 5: Silent Christmas #2

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 2006 on TV Tokyo

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  • A sad story of a boy who loved his father so much and wanted his father with him so badly. Unfortunately, he was a mute due to some psychological damage and could be the reason why the father abandoned him at the church

    how can a parent be so heartless so as to leave the child all by himself in the outside world with no protection and love? How will the child for himself when attacked? I think that the father just abandoning his duties as a father as his son was a mute due to some reason. It is not anyone's fault that one is different and needs more care than other because we cannot choose who to take care of us but we can choose who to take care of. There's a choice but his father chose to abandon him, making him so upset but even so, he never loathe his father. in fact, he just wanted his father to come back and pick him and bring him back home even though he seemed to blend in with the people there.
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