Ghost Hunt

Season 1 Episode 23

FILE 8: Cursed House #2

Aired Unknown Mar 13, 2007 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The next day when John and Masako arrive, they were shocked to see that something so serious had happened to Shibuya. Masako said that the spirit that was in his body was a hollow spirit, it was colourless and transparent, emotionless but it has an extremely strong presence, however, something was interfering and because of that, Masako is unable to tell the identity of the spirit. The same thing was happening in her dream, Hazuki's room and the hallway and a few other rooms had the white lights coming from the ground. Just then, Akifumi came to bring them coffee and Mai asked him about the stone stairs that she saw in her dream and he had a big reaction to the stairs as it was dangerous as they were old and falling apart.

As they ventured into the area, Mai sees her dream in reality and they seem a lot of unusual things like five boulders in the middle of nowhere that were not to be removed as instructed and two boulders in the sea that had a rope connected and a legend about a fisherman and a noblewoman who leapt into the sea and became those boulders. The noblewoman had a fisherman for her sweetheart and the nearby nobleman's son fell in love with her as well and tried to make her his wife. She was unwilling and tried to elope with the fisherman but the letters were swapped by the nobleman's son and they were not able to meet. When she found out that there was a mistake, she went to look for him but was too late as her sweetheart had already killed his rival and there was no escape they plunged into the sea. Mai's dream was exactly the same only that Shibuya was her sweetheart and she was the girl and they had nowhere to go. Mai asks the man to take them to the shrine nearby which she ran to in her dream when she said why not the sea?

At the place they were surveying, there were three mound stones and another five others, Akifumi said that there used to be six of them meaning that the strange occurrences going on could be connected to the missing grave. Masako's view on the place was that the place had no presence of animals and the spirits could be lying about their identity. The place was also neither good nor bad and it was the exact same thing that Shibuya said in Mai's dream, the things that die and get washed up would go to a cave which had a small shrine present in it. In the small shrine, Takigawa's curiosity on the shrine leads him to open the doors of it and there laid the Okobu-sama, something that looked like the hand of the Buddha statue, the Japanese believe that things that come from the sea had special powers and meaning behind them.

That day, Mai thinks hard about her dream and what relations it has with the case this time. Instead of going to sea, Shibuya brings her to the shrine where they were pursued by a lot of people and they didn't jump into the sea and Eijirou was the one holding the sword. Just as she got out of the hot spring and headed for the room still thinking about her dream, Akifumi ran up to her to tell her about Yasutaka who was bleeding at the arms and just then, Katsuki and Wakako came up to her and asked her if their uncle had died enthusiastically and it was a little puzzling to hear those words from the children of the family, it was as though they wanted him to die on the spot. When she told them that the ambulance was on the way to save him, they were disappointed with the answer and said "He's still alive." and holding hands, they ran down the hallway together.

When Yasutaka was in the hospital resting, he related to Akifumi about his dream, where he killed everyone in the family and so out of desperation to save the others, he tried to end his life for the safety of them. Takigawa tried to make sense of it, there was more than one spirit that was in the house possessing the members that were in the house itself meaning they have to be on their guard against the other members of the family in case they suddenly get possessed. Later, they get Masako to take a look at Hazuki's wounds, the spirit was said to be malicious but empty and has no resentment after which Takigawa got John to exorcise the spirit within. Matsuzaki was sent out to make protective charms for everyone but those who were possessed refused to take the charms, example Katsuki and Wakako who were delighted when Mai lied about their uncle being died and Akifumi dying as well. Mai caught hold of the both of them but Katsuki wriggled free, Mai threatened to put the charm on Wakako if he did not mention anything about the car with the leaking brake fluid, then he said that he would jump into the sea and that were when she confirmed that he was possessed. Mai decided to take the chance and chanted the spirit warding spell that was taught to her by Matsuzaki and the spirits left the children leaving them crying.

Perhaps many of the family members were already possessed but the team didn't know who was and so they cannot exorcise the spirit and Mai got scolded for directing her powers at the children which could kill them if she was not careful. Like those who were possessed, they also had wounds on their backs that needed to be tended to but theirs were different from those of their cousin/sister who had a streak down her back and neck.
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