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Why Mai has her powers

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    [1]Sep 21, 2007
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    Everyone seems so interested in Naru, but Mai kinda got her powers out of nowhere (correct me if that isn't how you spell nowhere)

    I think she's got some sort of power from her dead parents (SPOILER Kind of like my theory with Oliver Davis and Eugene Davis in manga END SPOILER)

    OR maybe Naru brings out dormant(??? Think thats the word) power in others coz he's so powerful.

    ARGH! now confused self. Well done myself welldone.

    please submit theories and constructive criticism of mine.


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    ateenangel wrote:
    My guess would be the more dormant theory. Mai has probably had her powers her whole life but now they're getting stronger/manifesting themselves more since she's been using them. Plus, she probably didn't have a lot of contact with spirits prior to SPR, so she was probably less likely to realize/develop her powers.

    Just an idea, though. ^^

    I think you are right.
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