Ghost Hunt

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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  • am ghost hunts biggest fan

    Please make a season 2 it my favorite show I love ghost hunt please make another season I beg of you I am a big fan of ghost hunt
  • This is a fabulously underappreciated and original show. Why more people haven't seen this is beyond me.

    The show follows Mai Taniyama a highschool girl who gets involved in strange occurences at her school. Following these odd happenings the school hires Shibuya Psychic Research to investigate and get rid of the ghosts. As such Mai ends up with a part-time job investigating starnge paranormal activities alongside, psychics, shrine maidens, priests and the ever mysterious Shibuya Kazuya.

    This is a really original show, with a great ensemble cast. The character interactions are brilliant and they show really development as the show progresses. The stories are also told in a very convincing way with some great comedy moments alongside the horror and adventure aspects. In my opinion this is a fabulous show and not nearly enough people have seen it.
  • Must watch-

    I was so surprised by this anime. I have never really gotten into any anime about scary stories like this series.

    From the the very first episode I have watched this, it kept me asking for more.Even though some episodes weren't that scary, some of them were. This is one of the few series I have watched one shot,without stopping.

    Although I was kind of disappointed that the anime did not reveal more informations about Naru like they did in the manga apparently.I enjoyed the different cast of characters in this short anime series. The animation was simple but I loved it, it wasn't too extravagant and I have to say , their Opening was quite bizarre, maybe they were trying to imitate the style like in the X File's Opening? Anyways this is a must watch!
  • Slightly freeky, but really cool.

    When I first heard of this show, I thought; "Yep that is going to be stupid". Well I changed my mind after watching a few episodes. The show has a little bit of laughs and a little bit of horror, with some drama mixed in here or there. This is definetly a good series to watch for all the people who believe in ghosts, demons, curses, and anything along those lines. My favorite part of this series is near the end of the 21st episode where a blood covered face suddenly appears on the screen. It is quite funny. Although I really like this anime, I would recommend some people not watch it at night, before going to bed, or watch it with the lights off. A friend of mine made that mistake and let's just say they tried to beat the crap out of me for telling them to watch it at night. All in all this show is really good. Although there are a few things I don't understand, I pretty much got what was happening. Naru not using his abilities till the very end left me thinking WTF!!! The main character was perfect and her progression throughout the series was a little fast, but pretty good.
  • A surprisingly well done show that any suspense or horror fan will love...

    This anime snuck up on me. I had no clue about it until two days ago when I was hunting around the web for a new show to watch. At 25 episodes I thought it would be long enough to get into character development but short enough to not be daunting, so I watched it. I was amazed! I have never seen such a high quality, suspenseful anime involving ghosts. Now, I do have to point out that if you don't like blood at all then there are specific arcs that you simply shouldn't watch but if you are okay with some seriously creepy scenes involving blood then watch on and enjoy being creeped out. The animation, music, and storylines are all done with great care and feel crisp. This is one show that has obviously done its homework on different religious methods for exorcism and psychic research, both topics that they use in in-depth ways. Having the show work in arcs of 1-4 episodes was also really smart of the people who put this show together. Doing this makes it so that no episode was a filler and no episode ever felt like a waste of time. Each arc, dubbed File #1-8, was beautifully done. File #1 got me into the anime but the one that kept me watching, mainly because dolls have always scared me, was File #2. I simply had to finish watching it in one sitting so I would know how the case got solved and all my heebie-jeebies would go away. From there on up the anime just kept getting better. As the anime continues on from File #2 the sweet moments get sweeter, the scary moments scarier, and the funny moments funnier. This show really has a delightful balance to it, though the tone is obviously darker.
    I would love for them to do a second series of this as they still haven't given a full background on any of the main characters, though we do learn about the family situations of all of the characters. The sense of suspense is only increased by the wit and humour of the show and you come away liking all of the main characters. There was not a single character I was annoyed with at the end of the series, from Naru the Narcissist to the ditsy Mai to the ever elusive Lin. Throughout the show the band of seven misfits really feel like a family, something that is great since most of the characters either have little contact with their family or don't have any. I would love to know why Naru feels like he is searching for something to me, or why he can smile so sweetly in Mai's dreams and only did so once when she was awake, or even why we don't know his real name. I would love to know Lin's history as is is both taciturn and thoroughly devoted to Naru, and in the end to Mai as well. I want to know who will end up together since there are so many romantic possibilities in the show that it really makes me wonder. Now, I could always look this up on the internet or find the books but the anime is just so beautifully done that I really want to see more of it.
  • Can I say WOW in REALLY big letters??

    Oh My God.
    This show is unlike any Ghost series I have EVER seen before, where the ghost aren't all good or all bad and the intention isn't just to scare the heeby jeebies out of you, yet it still does (watch with lights off it you want to know what I mean).
    It involves Mai and her adventures (I'm not sure adventures is the right word though) with Shibuya Psychic Research (and would you look at that, I've spelled all three wrong), an organization that deals with troublesome spirits, ghost and all things that should be in a different place but aren't.
    I highly recommend Ghost Hunt to anyone and everyone.
  • Ghost Hunt is a show that will completely surprise you with the quality of the storyline. Each episode is well directed and keeps you in suspense.

    This Japanese Anime kind of snuck up on me. I had no expectations before watching my first episode. It was a surprise to me that a animated show would would be scary, suspenseful, all the ingredients that make up a good horror show recipe. I can't think of a single episode in this series that left me thinking that I wasted a whole thirty minutes watching this. All the stories flowed really well. No oddballl episodes. Just plain old Ghost hunting here. I still can't believe that a "cartoon" could be that scary. Kind of funny if you think about it. Errr, I mean scary?
  • This is the best show ever!!!!!!

    I found this show on youtube and I was instantly hooked. And since there are only 25 episodes it only took me two days to watch them all. (I would have watched them in one day if it wasn't for stupid school). But anyway, I would recommend this show to anyone who likes suspensful, scary, surprising shows. This show had me really scared, especially episodes 4-6. I hate that doll.
    This is my favorite anime ever, and I really wish they would make more episodes cause they left way too much unanwsered. I guess I'll have to settle with the manga for now.
  • This show definitely scares me at times...but it really is addictive. You really want to know what happens and how they solve the case.

    I watched the first few episodes when I was home by myself and it was about 12:30 in the morning. Not the brightest idea. I didn't know a cartoon could actually scare me. But the show really made me interested and I couldn't wait to see the next episode. Even after they solve the case I was really excited to see what the next case was going to be about. The cases themselves I found to be really interesting. They have some good twists in turns and all the cases seem to be unique. The episodes aren't repetitive and they come up with good concepts for each one. I would definitely recommend watching it!
  • Its all about the ghosts baby!!!!!

    Ghost Hunt, as the title suggests, involves ghosts. A group of specialists banned together to try and get rid of these ghosts.

    This is actually a pretty good anime once I have watched a couple episode. It has some good humor, a little bit of drama, and definitely scary every once and a while. Its not something that you should watch at night all by yourself with no light on. It will definitely freak you out. The characters of the show are pretty cool. They are pretty well drawn and the japanese voice actors sounded pretty good.

    This is actually a pretty good anime once you get into. It took me a couple episodes but I am really starting to like it more and more.
  • i like this show... it has many great qualities nd it makes you want to watch more and more...

    I think that this is a great show becasue it is about a group of psychics who beign to work together to try and figure out a way to exorcise spirits that are harming people. The group is Nara the leader, Mai the assistant who is also a psychic as she discovers, Lin another psychic who watches over Naru, Bou-san an exorcite who is also an aspiring musician, and asako another exorcist. They all work together and try to help people. But they only take dangerous cases. Cases that involve ghost who are doing harm to peeople and hey also take cases that have the place where it takes place history... bad history involving murders.
  • It is really creepy but it makes you want to watch more because you want to know what is going to happen next.

    I nearly got fooled into believing this show! Well... I am not saying that it is very good or anything like it but it is very exciting. The stories contain a whole lot of information on the cases, which is something I care to learn off just for the sake of not scaring myself. The stories are more or less like all horror stories. The way it is crafted gives it a different twist. This show is for those who just enjoy horror shows. Like all horror shows, they always give you the exact date of the happenings like what you would write in a diary. I wonder... Where do they get all the courage from I would be freaking out by just entering the place and on top of that it takes place in the night as well?!?! That's far worse!