Ghost Hunt - Season 1

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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  • FILE 8: Cursed House #4
    Things have become a lot more complicated now that two of the family members are dead and everyone is being attacked by violant spirits. After finally warding them off the group waits till morning to figure out what they are going to do. When morning comes Bou-san decides they need to perform an exorcism and tells John to come with him. Ayako stops them and says they need to rest and that she will. After drawing upon the powers of the trees Ayako manages to purify all the spirits in the area, including the one that is possesing Naru. Now he can show everyone what he can really do.moreless
  • FILE 8: Cursed House #3
    Things are getting a lot worse when one of the family members is found dead. Now Mai and the others must find out who the culprit is before someone else gets killed. Soon a fire is started in the main building of the house, which turns out to be a cover up for a possesed Kazuya to break in and free the possesed Naru. Lin manages to stop him, but the battle goes outside with Kazuya near the cliff. Can Lin stop the possesed Kazuya from jumping?moreless
  • FILE 8: Cursed House #2
    Masako and John arrive at the Yoshimi family house and see what has happened to Naru. It gets worse when Masako tells everyone she can't identify the spirit, making it hard to exorcise it. To make matters worse, it is becoming more and more apparent that members of the family are possesed. But these spirits aren't the hollow ones they are the more violent ones. The danger becomes apparent when Mai must make a decision on whether to go against Bou-san or let one of the children be killed. What will she do?moreless
  • FILE 8: Cursed House #1
    A man by the name of Akufumi has come to SPR for some help. It seems his neice has developed some strange bruising that none of his family can figure out how it formed. The group takes the case and they find out that some stranges things have been happening to the family over the years. Now it seems that there is something out to kill the family and not only that but Mai and the gang to. Things become even more complicated when Naru become possesed by a violant spirit.moreless
  • FILE 7: Blood-soaked maze #4
    It turns out that the ghost isn't really a ghost because it is a monster that has been locked in the maze like house. What will they do now?
  • FILE 7: Blood-soaked maze #3
    Suzuki who has gone missing ends up in a blank space of the house dead and the room that she was found in was totally sealed when they entered meaning that the creature that they were dealing with may not be a ghost.
  • FILE 7: Blood-soaked maze #2
    This case is a big one that involves a client that wants to keep it as silent as possible as the media would cause chaos in the case that they were made to solve.
  • FILE 7: Blood-soaked maze #1
    The Prime Minister has an long abandoned house that he needs the experts to work on but it is not an ordinary house, this house is like a maze that has probably trapped a lot of spirits that enter it making it haunted.
  • FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #4
    They figure out that the Kokkun-san spirits the whole school was calling is accually a death sentence, and guess who is on the list to die? Matsuyama-Sensi (The teacher who's totally against ghosts and the supernatural.) The only problem is Matsuyama is trying to run Naru's team out of the school! Will they be able to save this nonbelieving teacher?moreless
  • FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #3
    Things are starting to get worse. Mai wakes up in the nurses office after passing out. After seeing that she is alright everyone gets back to work and leaves, leaving Ayako to watch over Mai. Ayako finally convinces Mai to go back to sleep, in which she has her usual dream again. This time Naru tells her the will-o'-the-wisps is going to hatch soon and she needs to get out of the nurses office where one is located. Mai agrees then notices John and Yasuhara heading towards another will-o'-the-wisp. Awakening immediately she sends Ayako to go stop the two. While Ayako is gone Mai is attacked again and Naru comes to her aid. While he is trying to help her the ceiling starts to cave in. Is this the end for Mai?moreless
  • FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #2
    Masako and John arrive at the school to help out. Right off the bat Masako tells everyone that she can feel the spirits, but she cannot see them. After learning this Naru puts everyone to work. Masako and Ayako patrol the school looking for spirits and exorcise when needed, Houshou and John go and exorcise certain areas, Naru, Lin, and Yasuhara go and investigate the school some more, and Mai stays at the base. While all alone in the base Mai falls asleep and dreams about the spirits devouring one another. Are Mai's dreams really coming true?moreless
  • FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #1
    The group gets a case Where a large number of strange things going on at a school. Things that were reported that students being bitten by a dog the teachers couldn't see, strange noises coming from the music room, and a bunch of dismembered body parts. While the group is at the school a girl is attacked by a black dog, but before it can get to her it dissappears. Can the ghost hunters solve this before things go from bad to worse?moreless
  • FILE 5: Silent Christmas #2
    While Kenji posseses Mai he continually bothers Lin, thinking of him as his father. After a few funny moments Lin finally gets annoyed at Mai(Kenji) and yells at her(them). Kenji(Mai) becomes upset and runs away after Lin rejects his(Mai's) hand. Everyone begins to search for Mai, since when she ran away she didn't have a coat on. Can they find her before she freezes to death?moreless
  • File 5: Silent Christmas #1
    It’s almost time for Christmas and Mai is getting ready for it. She is fixing their Christmas tree but Naru interruptea her. Apparently, John has a task for them and they needed to go to the church to get the info. What is this new task that is assigned to the group?moreless
  • FILE 4: Ghost Story of the Park!?
    In a park, many couples suddenly get water dumped upon them out of nowhere. The gang goes to investigate this, and at the park Masako gets possessed by the said spirit who is behind all of it.
  • FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #4
    Shibuya easily solves the case after a short exchange of words with Takahashi, Kasai and Ubusuna after he collapsing from anemia and lands up in the hospital.
  • FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #3
    Things are getting out of hand due to the cursing of a mysterious person. Masako is injured which haas led people to believe that Kasai is behind everything. Meanwhile, Houshou is sent to find the missing dolls. Will he find them in time and is Kasai truly the one behind everything?moreless
  • FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #2
    Spirits are everywhere in the school and people have started to exorcise the rooms to remove the spirits. Meanwhile, a teacher is involved in a car accident and blames Kasai for she believes that Kasai was cursing her. Then the group finds voodoo dolls that is used to torture and torment people. Everyone blamed Kasai as well for they believe the teacher's word.moreless
  • FILE 3: After School Cursed Person #1
    After finishing up their last case another case is brought to SPR. It seems that four different girls who sat in the same seat have had strange things happening to them. From bodyless hands tapping on their windows to items moving from where they were. Now it is up to the group to stop this before something else happens.moreless
  • FILE 2: Doll House #3
    A shocking discovery leads the gang one step closer to solving the case. Now, they try to exorcise the root of the problem. Things take a twist as Mai is taken into the well where the spirit of the mother rests.
  • FILE 2: Doll House #2
    The case continues as Shibuya and the gang continue their investigation. John Brown's skills drive the spirit away from the doll, Minnie, and when they burn it again, Minnie is successfully burned. More of the questions are answered, but many other questions arise. They send away the family, and now try to find the root of the ghost. Will they succeed? Or will the ghost wreak havoc on them as well?moreless
  • FILE 2: Doll House #1
    The spirits of the house begin to react as SPR and the other exorcists enter the house. Will they be able to subdue these spirits?
  • FILE 1: Evil Spirits All Over?! #3
    Shibuya solves the case with the help of John and Mai!
  • FILE 1: Evil Spirits All Over?! #2
    The priestess completes a Shinto exorcism and starts to leave. When she reaches the door, the door's glass suddenly shatters and injures multiple people. There is no doubt that this was the work of a spirit. The priest takes turn to try and exorcise the spirit. He does well until the roof above his head collapses. Is the spirit so stong that it can survive mutiple exorcisms?moreless
  • FILE 1: Evil Spirits All Over?! #1
    Mai and her friends are exchanging ghost stories when a young man turns on the lights. Mai immediately notices something in his eyes and she becomes suspicions. She confronts the young man named Shibuya Kazuya and finds out that he works for the Shibuya Psychic Research.