Ghost Hunt

Season 1 Episode 16

FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #3


Full Episode: FILE 6: A Prohibited Game #3


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Things are starting to get worse. Mai wakes up in the nurses office after passing out. After seeing that she is alright everyone gets back to work and leaves, leaving Ayako to watch over Mai. Ayako finally convinces Mai to go back to sleep, in which she has her usual dream again. This time Naru tells her the will-o'-the-wisps is going to hatch soon and she needs to get out of the nurses office where one is located. Mai agrees then notices John and Yasuhara heading towards another will-o'-the-wisp. Awakening immediately she sends Ayako to go stop the two. While Ayako is gone Mai is attacked again and Naru comes to her aid. While he is trying to help her the ceiling starts to cave in. Is this the end for Mai?moreless
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unrequited love, dry humor, demonic resurrection, cool gadgets, children in adult situations