Ghost Hunter

BBC (ended 2002)





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  • When a victorian ghost appears in the room of young boy Roddy, he seeks help and tells him of a ghost hunter who can sniff a ghost from miles and Rossy and his sister Tessa set off in a journey to escape the hunter and set all of her captured ghosts free!

    It was excellent! I cant believe it has finished it was real cutting edge stuff. they do not make tv shows like that anymore! I was stuck to the screen from the start to the finish everytime it was on.It was excellent the way they would time travel, in the new ones when Roddy's children were in it.My favourite characters were definately Roddy and Tessa though. I would love to see it again, its a shame this tv show does not have downloads or DVDs. I would definately buy them. Maybe someday it will return. A comeback would not go a miss!