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Ghost Hunters International

Season 2 Episode 23

Amsterdamned: Netherlands

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2011 on Syfy
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The team investigates the Huissen House of Horror in the Netherlands and the Ijmuiden Fortress.

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  • Best title yet!

    All other matters aside, I have to give them credit for one thing: the title of this episode. That's the kind of title that would make for a great independent horror comedy! Considering that the "Ghost Hunters" franchise has never really been as scary as the endless promotion would like to pretend it is, the title could easily be repurposed for a Syfy Saturday low-budget classic.

    I was a little surprised to see that Britt was still with the team for the first case in this episode. I don't recall exactly how many locations he happened to investigate before his dismissal, but I didn't think it was more than a handful. Whatever one's opinion might be regarding the new team, such a swift shift in team dynamics doesn't help them find their equilibrium.

    Case #1: Huiseen House, Netherlands

    I think the smaller size of this location was a good thing. If there's one drawback to hitting so many gorgeous international locations, it's the sheer scale factor. They simply can't cover most of their locations in a thorough manner, even over the course of a few nights. They really managed to blanket this location with coverage, at least comparatively, and that was a benefit. As Barry said: a good use of the available monitoring technology.

    Barry and Kris start the second floor bedroom, where piano music and overhead footsteps have been heard. Barry uses a nice little iPad app to play some piano music, in the hopes of generating activity. They shortly begin to hear footsteps, and Kris seems to see movement in the shadows. But they ultimately can't find a source.

    Joe and Britt explore the basement, where people report feeling sick. They immediately start listing all the typical environmental factors: mold, carbon monoxide, or high EMF. I personally think they dismiss mold and carbon monoxide a bit too quickly. If nothing else, why not carry a portable carbon monoxide detector to be sure?

    Paul and Susan tackle the attic. Paul hears something downstairs after they provoke for a little while, and if nothing else, it provides the chance for some mildly exciting handheld "full spectrum" footage. Paul hears his name called, which also sparks his interest. Surprisingly, they manage to capture the sounds, and they match something Joe and Britt heard in the basement. (Which makes me wonder if there was something in the location that regularly made that particular sound, but not often enough to track it down easily. It did sound oddly like an old typewriter, though!)

    This is especially the case when they did such a nice job of debunking the movement caught on camera. They haven't often been able to use concurrent DVR camera footage for any purpose, so using it for debunking detective work was good to see. It's the sort of thing all that monitoring equipment is meant to uncover.

    Case #2: Ijmuiden Fortress, Netherlands

    So this is apparently the first case after Britt's dismissal (which was neatly glossed over), with Scott taking Britt's spot on the team. Scott was part of the team earlier in the season, so if nothing else, many of the team members already had experience working with him.

    Barry and Kris start in the museum, and there's a ton of unusual noise coming from nearby rooms. They give chase, and both of them think they see part of a figure. They try to find where it might have come from, but nothing comes of the search.

    Paul and Susan explore the "pink room", where prostitutes used to be held during the German occupation. They, too, hear unusual noises and try to chase the noise down, only to hear doors moving. If nothing else, it seems to verify the report of the client, though they don't seem to come to any conclusions as to a cause.

    Barry and Kris follow-up, and Barry gets the idea to find the reported "writing on the wall" with a blacklight. As it turns out, they don't find writing, but they do find an unexpected handprint. Of course, I'm a bit skeptical. Not only would it be very easy for someone to leave a handprint on the wall in a way that would show up under a blacklight, but they weren't the first (or only) ones in the location. Also, what paranormal property is supposed to produce a substance visible under blacklight conditions? Barry and Kris do ask the right questions at the time, so I'll give them credit for that.

    Joe and Scott investigate the dining room, and they hear shuffling similar to footsteps and breathing. One observation I will make is that they both start asking each other, with growing incredulity, if they heard the breathing sounds. Right then, the most useful reaction would be to stay quiet and listen for anything that might lead them to a source!

    The voice they claim to hear is marginal at best, considering that it's definitely buried in the background noise. Even if it seems to fit into context, it smacks of pattern recognition. The appearance of the self-illuminating UV lights is definitely interesting, but it doesn't denote anything definitely paranormal, as there is nothing else that directly correlates with the emergence of the energy.

    The "help" EVP is hard to analyze, because there is no waveform to give us a sense of how it compares to the background noise. But it's the usual thing: why would one find an EVP in English in the Netherlands, even accounting for the multi-lingual tendencies of the population? The young female voice, however, is harder to pin down, because it doesn't sound like misinterpreted noise. After all, what would make that noise, under the circumstances?

    All things being equal, I agreed with their conclusions for the first location, but I'm less convinced about the second. To me, there just wasn't nearly enough "evidence" to suggest that there was definite paranormal activity at the fortress.moreless
Barry Fitzgerald (II)

Barry Fitzgerald (II)

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Britt Griffith

Britt Griffith


Kris Williams

Kris Williams


Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

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Susan Slaughter

Susan Slaughter

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Joe Chin

Joe Chin


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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: The episode graphics misidentify the Ijmuiden Fortress Caretaker Leen de Jager as Visitor Rob Vander Putten.

    • Barry asks some questions in German during an EVP session to attempt to get a response from any listening spirits.

    • The investigation of the Huissen House took place on December 19-20, 2010 according to the date embedded in the camera footage. The investigation of the Ijmuiden Fortress occurred about a week later, on December 26-27, 2010.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Huissen House - Huissen, The Netherlands
      Johan Vlemmix - Homeowner
      Francien Seesing - Historian
      Emile Ratelband - Former Owner
      Anja Frensun - Eyewitness

      Investigation 2: Ijmuiden Fortress - Ijmuiden, The Netherlands
      Jan De Leur - Client
      Leen de Jager - Fortress Caretaker
      Richard Seesing - Eyewitness
      Maria Muandenbor-Kranghand - Visitor

      Special Thanks:
      Richard Seesing

    • Barry dismisses the hand print as likely being caused by some chemical, which is possible, as many things are fluorescent. But various body fluids, such as blood and semen also fluoresce under black light (UV), and would seem to also be possible sources. Soap and laundry detergent are possibilities, as well. Interestingly enough, the Germans were working on developing invisible inks during WWII for use by their spies, but they specifically attempted to avoid those that were fluorescent in UV light since that was too easy for the enemy to catch, so it's unlikely that something developed to transmit a secret message was used on the walls.

    • Nitpick: Barry says that because of the relatively small size of the Huissen House that they would only have one team in the location at a time. However, while Joe and Britt are in the basement they radio Paul and Susan to see if they might be causing the sounds they're hearing. So obviously they decided that they could use two teams at the same time as long as they were as far apart as possible- i.e., the basement and the attic.

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  • NOTES (2)

    • Barry states that Britt has returned home to "finish some things up". But it seems likely that this is just a polite way of acknowledging his leaving due to his being fired for making comments deemed objectionable by the Syfy Channel during an internet radio interview in October of 2010. Britt would quietly be brought back as a member of the TAPS team on Ghost Hunters, a few months later.

    • Britt only takes part in the first investigation, and Scott rejoins the team for the second. Scott does not appear in the episode's opening credits.