Ghost Hunters International

Season 2 Episode 24

Army Of The Dead: Serbia

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2011 on Syfy
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GHI investigates Serbia's Petrovaradin Fortress.

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  • A true believer

    Rob and Barry do a great job. Realy realy wish i could go on a ghost hunt with either of them or with any ghost hunter member. If theres any essex ghost hunters about please let me go with you on one, thankyou karen.
  • Difference of opinion

    Thus far, I haven't quite formed a full opinion of the new GHI team. Setting aside the Britt/Scott transition that has kept the team from fully gelling in my mind, there is also the difference between Robb and Barry's leadership style. Frankly, I preferred when Barry was the technical manager, and his more superstitious notions were merely an addition, not a guiding force.

    While I believe that Paul has great technical sense, I don't get the impression that the team is using quite as much equipment as Barry used to array in a given space. I'm not seeing the immediate deployment of instruments when an incident takes place. Also, they are still using technology (like the Mel Meters) that are known to have inherent flaws and give false positives due to RF interference. (I did like the handheld rig, though. Very handy!) Add to that Susan's apparent penchant for drama and her "empathy", and I'm just plain wary of where the team is heading, philosophically.

    Granted, during Robb's tenure as team leader, and even during the period when the team was operating at its best, there were the investigation sites that seemed to bring out more hysteria than anticipated. Petrovaradin Fortress had all the makings of a psychologically imposing location. The team seemed to be on edge from the moment they hit the ground, which was not a great sign.

    Unlike in other recent reviews, I will not comment on every combination of team/location presented in the episode. Rather, I will cover the highlights (or lowlights, if applicable). One thing I noticed again is the static nature of the team assignments. It's always Barry/Kris, Paul/Susan, and Joe/Scott. One of the things I found best about GHI in the past was how the mix of team members would provide a more well-rounded investigation. This smacks of the overly rigid format of "Ghost Hunters".

    When Paul and Susan were at the barricade in the upper tunnels, I really liked the use of the laser grid. I also like the fact that when they saw something in the grid, they ran towards it to find the source. When they used the same method on "Ghost Hunters" towards the end of the sixth season, they just say there and watched the grid move without any attempt at identification. Not sure what I think of Susan claiming her hair was tugged, but it didn't really show on camera, and both of them were in plain sight at the time. But Barry and Kris also seemed to have similar experiences, so who knows? It's all too rooted in subjective, unverifiable personal experience.

    Joe/Scott investigated the execution wall area, and kept getting that "cobweb" feeling. The change in temperature is interesting, but the range in question was not particularly large, and they were dealing with an outdoor location. Temperature doesn't usually go up and down in such a quick manner outdoors, to be fair, but I'd want to see if the thermocouples had recently been tested and calibrated to accept it as truly unusual. Also, that's the only hard data they have; no other instruments were in apparent use, or nothing notable was happening with them.

    When Joe/Scott were in the prison, reporting the sound of chains rattling, there did seem to be that sound in the background. It's hard to tell, with the post-production audio in the mix, but it was noticeable. And again, at least they were actively trying to find the source. And if nothing else, the team consistently follows up on what previous teams have reported, giving a better sense of the thought process behind the investigation.

    When it comes to the "evidence", the odd interference with the microphone has happened to me before, so it's not something I would dismiss out of hand. But the "groan" was definitely buried in the background noise, and I couldn't hear it at all. The voice in the prison is a similar situation, so in terms of the audio, I wasn't impressed.

    The photograph is a different story. The nice thing is that they have a very clear reference photo with the laser grid and Susan's location relative to the camera. No, the apparent "shadow figure" does not appear to distort the laser grid, and it's a darker photo overall, so a perfect comparison cannot be made. It would be interesting to see what natural shadows emerge when the reference photo is darkened, to see if that is a pattern in the stonework. That said, it matches what they claim to have observed at the time, and that can't be discounted.

    At the end of the day, though, that's only one solid piece of "evidence", and it wasn't fully conclusive at that. So I'm not sure there was enough there to declare the location "haunted". Given the typical conclusions of the team, however, in context of the franchise as a whole, it's not that surprising.moreless
Barry Fitzgerald (II)

Barry Fitzgerald (II)

Lead Investigator

Kris Williams

Kris Williams


Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

Tech Manager

Susan Slaughter

Susan Slaughter

Investigator-in-Training/Case Manager

Joe Chin

Joe Chin


Scott Tepperman

Scott Tepperman


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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation: Petrovaradin Fortress - Novi Sad, Serbia
      Alen Panjkovic - Local Historian
      Svetozar Jovicic - Local Resident
      Vlada Tegelija - Eyewitness
      Gojko Tegeltiga - Visitor

      Special Thanks:
      Vesna Vujasinovic
      Rastislav Durman
      Media Art Service International

    • Barry spoke some German and Serbian during his EVP sessions.

    • Because of the size of the fortress complex as well as its miles and miles of tunnels, the team didn't set up a central command area or set up stationary cameras. Instead, they mounted as many devices as possible to handles or tripods and carried everything they could with them manually.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Kris: (referring to the tunnels) To us, the voice sounded female. Would there be any reason for females to be down there?
      Alen: It was normal for soldiers to have a prostitute twice per month.
      Kris: Well, then...
      Barry: That would explain that.
      Kris: Next!

    • Paul: (when Susan warns them about the tunnels) We're in tunnels that are going to kill us, and we're running out of oxygen?!
      Joe: Yeah.
      Paul: Fantastic. We're going to be the ghosts!

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