GHI and TAPS are Ghost Hunting in the dark

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    I don't know about you. Yes I do you can't see in the dark either, and except for FLIR cameras videos won't come out in the total dark. Logically and if this bothers you I'm sorry, you are not going to have a better chance to see anything even a ghost in the dark. On GHI Ghost Hunters the lights are turned out and then the flash lights come on. I know a little bit about ghosts having interviewed some people who have seen them and and some who have wrtten about them they say they or other people saw them in the day light, or near day light. There are some reports like the one that says if you park your dusty car on the tracks at a certain rail road crossing at night it will be pushed off and there will be liny little hand prints in the dust on the back. I was told the prints are from children who were killed when the vehicle they were riding in stalled on the tracks and was hit by a train. No one ever sees these kids. One aurhor said she tried it and her car was pushed from the tracks.

    Some claim this to be no more than urban legend but the woman who told me said it was true and you could still go to the crossing in San Antonio, Tx. and test it for yourself. I wish GHI & TAPS would look into these types of cases. I also wish I wish I could remember the authors name who told me about this and the phantom train case.

    Now we need an emotion with a halo or wings.

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    Actually, the Syfy show Fact Or Faked looked into the San Antonio case in the episode "Blazing Horizon/Rollover" and determined that there is a slight downgrade which rolls the car over the tracks. No ghosts there, so it's just as well TAPS and GHI left this one alone, and went to other places where they had a chance to capture something truly paranormal. Of course, the FoF team didn't know it wasn't paranormal until they got there and did their tests, but still, that kind of location (outside, in the middle of a street) would not have been a safe, or suitable place for a real investigation- any noises would have to be discounted as perhaps being typical outdoorsy critters running around!
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