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    I like this show but Ibelieve it needs something to throw it over the top. I have been researching the suicide forest in Japan near Mt. Fuji. It is a common place to commit suicide. There have been over 500 suicides there since the 1950's. Over 100 bodies were found last year. It is believed to be very haunted and just the thought of this place is extremely scary and very interesting. I think this would be great for the team to be on top. There is still to be bodies out there that have not been found. There are abandon tents with belongings. They say people go there to camp for two days then kill themselves. It is the 2nd most common place for suicides in the world. It is very easy to stumble upon cut up Id's and credit cards or pictures in holes. It is kinda a ritual before they kill themselves to do that. most likely if you find that a body was near it. It is very easy to get lost the in the forest. They police form a human chain to search for bodies. Please consider this I think this would be great for viewers.

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    Actually, Destination Truth, another of the Syfy Channel's paranormal investigation shows, had an episode featuring the location you mention. But that's no reason why GHI can't go there. The bad thing about investigating a forest like this, though, is that when you're outside you have no control about various animal sounds, etc contaminating your evidence. So while this could be an extremely active paranormal location, it's even more difficult to get any definitive evidence proving it. But I would love to see GHI visit more locations in the far east- there's got to be some haunted castles etc in Japan, China, Korea, and so on!
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