Ghost Hunters International

Season 2 Episode 21

Ghosts Of The Eastern Bloc: Ukraine And Poland

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2011 on Syfy
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The GHI team go behind the former Iron Curtain to investigate Ukraine's Pidhirtsi Castle and Poland's Reszel Castle.

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  • Not afraid to make mistakes and own them!

    This is the second episode with the retooled GHI team, so this is part of the ongoing evaluation of the team dynamic and the approach they will be taking to paranormal investigation. As mentioned in the review for the previous episode, I felt that the team under Robb Demarest's leadership, especially during the time Dustin was on the team, had a very consistent core philosophy that kept them well-grounded.

    I've also made it very clear that I felt Robb and his team did everything possible to avoid the kind of controversies that have plagued TAPS on "Ghost Hunters". With Pilgrim Films forcing the retooling in the hopes of boosting the ratings, I'm curious to see if that reputation for integrity will remain unspoiled by production shenanigans.

    Case #1: Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine

    The investigation starts with Barry and Kris in the basement. It's a location with a lot of inherent creep factor, given the Nazi connection. Barry and Kris think they run across a Satanic shrine, but since it's not clear in the camera footage, it's hard to know if that's really what it was. (Though Barry's love and adherence to folklore would suggest he'd know if it was simply Pagan in some fashion.)

    Joe and Britt explore the chapel area, and Britt seems to see something in the shadows. Then Joe sees something move behind the cracks in a boarded-up old doorway or missing section of wall. They seem to capture noises within the room, but it's hard to tell on the audio what it might be. Then Joe does his best Zak Bagans impression, feeling tingles on his head and goosebumps.

    Susan and Paul investigate the second floor, and Susan starts having psychic impressions. Viewers of "Ghost Hunters Academy" might remember her claims to various abilities. Let us just say that I'm not convinced, and that I would much prefer a technical approach. They think they hear the sound of someone walking the stairs, so Paul immediately sets up a recorder. They also take full-spectrum pictures where Susan feels "unbalanced". She is also apparently touched.

    Susan does a nice job with the debunking of Joe's experience with the boarded-up area, which is a good start. The EVP doesn't sound like talking to me; it's buried in the background noise, and therefore seems more likely to be pattern recognition. Most of the sounds are unimpressive, though. The picture of the shadow is perhaps coincidental, but without some attempt at debunking on-screen, it's hard to know what it might be.

    Case #2: Reszel Castle, Poland

    Barry and Kris start in the pool room in the old dungeon area. They start by placing some trigger objects (pool balls), in the hopes of replicating the client's reported activity. Out of nowhere, Barry freaks out, which is actually one of the funnier moments of the episode. They hear movement in a pipe over their heads, but there's no sign of animals in the pipes.

    Paul and Susan handle the bar, and they naturally try to replicate normal activity. Paul experiences the reported "cold spot" at the bar, and records a dropping temperature without an obvious source. They both react when the straw in the nearest glass of water moves. Oddly, neither of them suspect that it's an effect of the ice slowly melting around the straw itself, despite that being an entirely obvious explanation. (Especially since you can hear the ice shifting in the glass when it happens!)

    Britt and Joe explore the tower dungeon, but though they hear sounds, there's not a lot to it. It seems like a segment that was tossed into this part of the episode because they wanted to have footage of everyone on the team at the location, given how quickly they turn to the analysis.

    Thankfully Susan and Paul recognize the truth about the ice shifting in the glass during analysis, and Barry gets in a few good shots. Paul's red face is the only consequence, which is better than looking like a fool in front of a client. Still, it would have been nice to see Paul give Barry some cheek for that spasm in the pool room! The various sounds aren't very impressive, and the supposed male voice doesn't sound like anything to me. I'm glad, given the dearth of "evidence", that they didn't declare the site haunted.moreless
Barry Fitzgerald (II)

Barry Fitzgerald (II)

Lead Investigator

Britt Griffith

Britt Griffith


Kris Williams

Kris Williams


Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

Tech Manager

Susan Slaughter

Susan Slaughter

Investigator-in-Training/Case Manager

Joe Chin

Joe Chin


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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Pidhirtsi Castle - Pidhirtsi, Ukraine
      Dr Vita Susak - Caretaker
      Renata Sigi - Eyewitness
      Larisa Antonyuk - Eyewitness
      Alena Kurilova - Eyewitness

      Investigation 2: Reszel Castle - Reszel, Poland
      Pawel Zaluska - Manager
      Dorota Kawsniewska - Historian

      Special Thanks:
      Lviv Arts Gallery
      Vita Susak
      Nataly Mylyan
      Pawel Zaluska

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Paul: (upon learning that the moving straw had a non-paranormal explanation) I'm disappointed, don't get me wrong. I thought that was probably the best thing I'd ever seen in my entire life, and now I'm gutted. The fact is, I'm a little gutted by it.
      Barry: It's okay, we get caught up in the moment, we make mistakes. However, Paul, when we leave here, I will be teaching you about how ice melts. Because we shouldn't forget that it's not the first time a chunk of ice has brought down Englishmen.

    • Barry: Of course the White Lady decided not to show during the investigation.
      Kris: How was she able to resist Barry Fitzgerald?
      Barry: These eyes, this smile, my Irish charm, my gold...
      Kris: (laughing) It wasn't working for you.
      Barry: I would have shared some of my lucky charms with her!

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