Ghost Hunters International

Syfy (ended 2012)





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  • hmm lets see...

    im gonna be 100 % honest on this review. i like ghost hunters and i love their method of debunking things and telling people their house wasnt haunted :P. but ghost hunters is almost like a bad spin off....the people in this crew are more willing to believe a place to be haunted and dont debunk as much. they dont have enough evidence sometimes and call a place haunted due to "personal experience". this show annoys me be cause it reminds me too much of most haunted especially how the girls on that team scream too much and should really quiet down. when i watched the original ghost hunters, i would get so scared that i would barely move. now, i can watch this series and go wth was that? well this show is ok and has had its fair share of real experiences and reasonable debunking, but i still like the original better. please stop imitating most haunted!!! :(