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    I love watching paranormal programming and Ghost Hunters is my favorite and I never miss an episode. Ghost Hunters International isn't even in the same league. The first season was a terrible excercise in what happens when a group of people doesn't work well together (or alone for that matter.) Robb was far to tight and looked very uncomfortable most of the time while eagerly deeming a place "haunted" with the flimsiest of evidence. Andy was condescending and blantantly rude. All noises heard by anyone who was not Andy were determined to be "nothing" yet he could detect the slightest noise and determine it to be " the heel of a boot turning." I couldn't help but wonder in he was secretly seething that he was not "in charge". Brian never really "recovered" losing his spot to Steve in the original show. Sour grapes if there was ever a case in my opinion. However, the biggest flaw was he had been caught in too many lies (by Grant and Jay) to be trusted. Also, one could make a drinking game consisting of doing shots every time he utters the phrase "What the hell was that?" Donna screamed at everything. You'd think the umpteeth time someone jumped out at her she would have wised up. Her EVP sessions were a silly mix of questions. "Do you like to knit?" was really the low point. Shannon looked uncomfortable and I did see her on another show but certainly didn't care enough to compare facts. She was far too concerned with choosing a hat to wear rather than hunting for ghosts.

    Season 2 has a new team and Robb seems a bit more comfortable but with all the newbies it's going to take time to build trust in them with the exception of Dustin who I think is great. Nothing so far has jumped out at me that makes me love/hate any of them. I'm not sure if this will hold my attention for another season.

    One final note, I'm a bit tired of Barry (and others) "feeling/seeing a presence" that can't be verified by another person. I like him well enough (cute accent) but the purpose of the show is to collect hard evidence. In all of history there isn't an inch of land or sea that hasn't had something happen on it that could leave a presence or memory but photos and (clear) EVPs give the field of paranormal research something to work with.