Ghost Hunters International

Syfy (ended 2012)





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  • It's not Ghost Hunters...

    Ghost Hunters International (GHI) could be a really great show. It could investigate some of the most haunted places around the world seriously and competently – it doesn't. Lead Investigator Robb, should turn over the hosting job to the much more experienced and personable Dustin. Robb could possibly be the most boring person on the planet. He shows no emotion at all about anything. The ghost of Jack the Ripper could jump out at him from the shadows and Robb wouldn't flinch. Barry on the other hand would run screaming like a little girl into the night! Everything freaks Barry out and he's always sure he hears, sees or feels something when no one else does. Talk about twitchy – this guy needs some tranquilizers. Brandy's voice is enough to drive me over the edge. Good lord, Honey, get rid of the adenoids for crying out loud! There are surgeons who can do that for you. (Shallow and cruel I know, but I can't stand listening to her!) Joe is okay, as is the new British guy (see he's so memorable I can't remember his name!) and the other gal (again not memorable enough to remember). I can't believe that Jason and Grant are affiliated with this show. It's not even close to the quality of Ghost Hunters.