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Ghost Hunters International

Season 2 Episode 25

Shadows In The Dark: Scotland

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2011 on Syfy
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Ghost Hunters International returns to Scotland to investigate a pair of haunted locations, the Inveraray Jail and the Usher Hall opera house.

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  • gonna have a go

    Ghosts aint actors they dont just appear on cue. Would be nice though. I would love to find a hunted place near me and do a night, but i dont even have a recorder. Like amy in ghost hunters i could use a flashlight, shes had great success with them, they should use them in GHI. Im gonna have a go at that when i find a hunted place near me.moreless
  • Not the most exciting episode

    I think one current point about "Ghost Hunters International" is a good one. I think the team has encountered more unusual "evidence", visual and otherwise, since the reboot than in the much larger number of episodes under Robb's leadership. There are a number of potential reasons for this that wouldn't implicate the team in anything questionable. For instance, Barry's standard of proof is clearly different than Robb's standard, and the team is still trying to find its own voice.

    But I can understand the skepticism. For many, GHI was already too likely to declare a location "haunted" (even if the rate of such declarations is now much higher with TAPS). I felt that this was the result of a consistent philosophical approach to the investigation and the "evidence", but others were less forgiving. If Barry's team seems to be even more likely to declare a location "haunted", I think it's easy to predict how that would be perceived by those same critics.

    Case #1: Usher Hall, Scotland

    I found the loud banging in the auditorium interesting from a technical point of view. How many times do investigative groups bother to check sound systems, when we know that they can be influenced by outside signals? I've had that happen with equipment at home, and I think it's happened to just about everyone. I would find it hard to dismiss the possibility that all of the sounds were coming from the speakers.

    The thing with Joe/Scott in the hallway area is that they essentially provided a good explanation for the client reports: a unbalanced electrical box giving off high EMF. While they still leave open the possibility of a paranormal explanation, when they start feeling chills and "odd feelings", why wouldn't they even think that it's that same electrical box? Not that we saw them check to see how far the high EMF was reaching into the hallway, but it struck me as something to be considered.

    This is something like the third or fourth investigation in the row where Paul and Susan have ridiculously strong reactions. I don't remember Paul getting goosebumps this often in the past, so I wonder if Susan's hysterical antics are having an unfortunate influence. There are things I like about Susan (she runs to the activity instead of away from it, and she's photogenic), but her overall investigative style leaves me cold.

    The first EVP is clearly buried in the background noise, and therefore impossible to consider viable. The "yes" EVP, however, is a much better example, as it is louder than the other "normal" voices and rises well above the noise floor. That said, it's just one EVP, and that's not nearly enough to prove anything.

    Case #2: Inveraray Jail, Scotland

    Whether or not the voice Barry and Kris heard shows up on the waveform analysis is quite beside the point; it was clearly audible at the time of recording. But why do they always seem to leave (or promise to leave) if there's activity? I know it could be nothing more than convenient editing, but it comes across as silly.

    Joe admits that he doesn't often provoke, and after hearing him get tough and toss out threats, maybe he should go back to his old, less upfront routine. Sure, they seemed to get a response, but it sounded less than convincing in the execution. (And, of course, there was nothing captured at the time on the equipment.)

    Once again, I think Susan's self-serving interpretation of events is annoying, but I like the fact that they traced a specific sound and environmental observation to a specific location under specific conditions. I emphasize the "specific" part because it's the most telling. If the noise requires something to be standing on a given tile for it to happen, then that is a compelling observation. Sadly, either they didn't follow up on it, or it didn't make the final edit, so it's a cursory observation at best.

    The "Get Out" EVP could be a case of pattern recognition, because it doesn't quite sound like those words, but it's similar. The voice Barry and Kris heard was, sadly, buried in the background noise, so it's hard to take as solid "evidence". (Also, it's not clear enough to say it's definitely "Rodney".) But again, they essentially got one EVP, and that's it, so not calling it "haunted" is a good call.moreless
Barry Fitzgerald (II)

Barry Fitzgerald (II)

Lead Investigator

Kris Williams

Kris Williams


Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford

Tech Manager

Susan Slaughter

Susan Slaughter

Investigator-in-Training/Case Manager

Joe Chin

Joe Chin


Scott Tepperman

Scott Tepperman


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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: Usher Hall - Edinburgh, Scotland
      Karl Chapman - General Manager
      Jackie Harris - Waitress

      Investigation 2: Inveraray Jail - Inveraray, Scotland
      Hanna Nixon - Prison Guide
      Samantha Potts - Prison Guide
      Rob Irons - Chief Prison Guide

      Special Thanks:
      Usher Hall
      Inveraray Jail

    • The investigation of Usher Hall took place on November 27-28, 2010, according to the date embedded in their camera footage. The investigation of Inverarary Jail occurred a week earlier, on November 21-22, 2010.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Barry: Let us hear your name, call out your name.
      Male EVP: Rodney.

    • Joe: (in an interview) While we were in the jail cell conducting our EVP session, I wanted to provoke. And usually I don't provoke, but in a case like this in prison, I wanted to see how far I could push it. (investigating) Anybody else in here want to come out? If not, we're going to burn the place down!

    • Susan: (as activity seems to happen all around them) Are you, are you ****ing with me now?! This is quickly turned from something other than a game!
      Paul: Someone's playing 'Silly Buggers', and it ain't funny!

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