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Season 9 : Episode 20

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Plumbers by day - ghost hunters by night. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are two plumbers working for Roto-Rooter in New England. They are also the co-founders of TAPS - The Atlantic Paranormal Society - a paranormal research team which investigates hauntings and other strange occurrences. This one-hour weekly show (dubbed a "docu-soap" by the Sci-Fi Channel) follows their investigations from first contact through the gathering of evidence, and to the reveal of that evidence to the client. Every week Jason, Grant, and their team investigate a new case, from poltergeists who throw a child's toys around an attic to a lighthouse whose late keeper still welcomes visitors. This team of moonlighting ghost hunters are our first and last defense against uninvited paranormal visitations. Tom Thayer and Craig Piligian of Pilgrim Films (American Chopper) are the executive producers.


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    • welcom back

      i am glad to see grant we have missed you are here to stay

      Starting to not like Ghost Hunters very much now, same question "what do you hope to find", always the same answer, "to find out who or what is haunting my business or house", same reveal, "spirits want to be recognized, no malignant spirits found". Almost no video's, only from the unnamed cameraman following them, if one of the investigators says, "what's that", the cameraman has to turn around and misses whatever the investigator is looking at because the investigator never has a camera, footsteps, which gets boring, no orbs, and if an investigator is actually holding a camera, they wave it around so much, if anything is caught, the video would be totaly worthless, no review of anything anymore. If Jason Hawes says they are going to start using a new product, like the glasses that look like Google glasses but with a camera, it is only used one time and never seen again. Seems to me, the crew has no excitement anymore. When the show starts, I know exactly what the question is going to be and the reveal is going to be, it's a script, it never changes.moreless
    • Updates?

      Was wondering why the show hasn't been updated since new shows have been airing for Season 10.
    • Going downhill fast

      I enjoyed Ghost Hunters for years. I liked the emphasis on using science and logic, not only to find the paranormal but to disprove it at times. Yes, I know the science is questionable, but it was the best of its genre. But this season has been so boring so far. I still miss Grant; I miss Tango and Steve working together (they were just a mess); and now Ami and Adam, who were so good and entertaining together, are gone too. The staff that are left are so dull, and they don't seem to be picking up much of anything. Which I guess shows that they're not just making stuff up, but even the ghost hunting itself isn't much fun anymore. If the show doesn't improve, I don't think I'm going to watch the whole season. What a shame.moreless
    • Unbelievable

      I cannot fathom how this show has survived for as many years as it has. Are there that many cretins watching this show?!. Your cast are a bunch of bufoons at best! Ooh, did you hear that? Ooh, I thought I saw something! Ooh, did you se that? Did we get that on tape? Holy crap - give me a break! Does anybody on this cast or crew have an IQ over 40??moreless
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