Ghost Hunters

Season 8 Episode 13

A Serial Killer's Revenge

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2012 on Syfy

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  • The prediction

    I'm not going to write a review.

    The show was mediocre - nothing happened apart from scratches.

    Here's my prediction though as I believe this show was cleverly designed to prepare us for new crew member.

    The Build Up


    1). Amy announces she's pregnant. She's bound to leave soon.

    2). All of a sudden, a female crew member appears.

    3). This person has no title. The show doesn't say she's "Producer of Blah" nor does it say why she needs to be there if there's a camera man. They call her "Crew member" and don't give her a title.

    4). She tells us she doesn't believe in ghosts. (She says this because TAPS want us to believe she is genuine and why would she possibly make anything up?)

    5). Even though she's a faceless background person who's never once been mentioned, she suddenly becomes the center of attention and even starts asking questions like the TAPS members as if she'd been there all along.

    What is going to happen next? (The prediction)


    1). A couple of shows will pass then Amy will announce she's leaving.

    2). That means there are no female crew members any more.

    3). They should invite Kris back. That's what should happen and probably will BUT.

    4). I think they won't. I think they will say that because Hagaar experienced those problems and she's a "crew member" they've decided to train her up as part of the actual team.

    Watch this space...

    PPS - Is Britt ever going to have an episode where he doesn't see something and then chase it like a dog after a stick?....Who knows....until next time...