Ghost Hunters

Season 1 Episode 1

Altoona Tantrum

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2004 on Syfy
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Altoona Tantrum

We are introduced to Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, co-founders and lead investigators for The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). Their Technical Manager, Brian Harnois, tells them of an interesting case. The home they are to investigate is in Altoona, PA which is several hours away, but because of the dramatic nature of the case they decide to make the long drive.

They investigate reports of poltergeist activity in a home with a very young girl who seems to see the spirits. After uncovering some dramatic Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) they return to the site and inform Brenda, the girl's mother, of their findings.

Due to the long distance traveled, they decide to investigate two other sites while they are in the area. That investigation is continued in the next episode.


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    Brian Harnois

    Brian Harnois

    Case Manager

    Donna LaCroix

    Donna LaCroix


    Grant Wilson (II)

    Grant Wilson (II)

    Lead Investigator - Co-Founder of TAPS

    Jason Hawes

    Jason Hawes

    Lead Investigator - Founder of TAPS

    Keith Johnson (II)

    Keith Johnson (II)


    Steve Gonsalves

    Steve Gonsalves

    Tech Specialist

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (8)

      • Jason: (to Brian) I can't yell at you now 'cause you lost your job, so I'm kind of pissed!

      • Jason: We are going to the house to try and disprove the reason that they contacted us. And, if you spend all your time trying to disprove the evidence of, you know, paranormal activity, and you're still left with evidence of paranormal activity, then you're left with evidence- there's your evidence of a haunting. One day I hope to prove to the skeptics that there is something beyond what we know of our human life.

      • Jason: I'm fire, Grant's water, it's two totally different ends of the spectrum. You know, you put us both together and you know, that makes the perfect team right there.

      • Grant: I think what makes Jay and I click so well is the fact that we're honestly total opposites, but we get on well. He's more the aggressive, he's the brawn, you know, I'm more the heart, the sympathy.

      • Grant: (about Jason) It's like he's a brother. Jesus, it's almost like he's a wife!

      • (Jason and Grant are talking about what they should do about Brian's tardiness)
        Grant: Why don't you try to show you have a sensitive side?
        Jason: Why don't you show you have a rugged side?

      • EVP of a young boy's voice: (whispered) They don't want us.

      • EVP of a young boy's voice: Can I come in?

    • NOTES (5)

      • According to Brenda, Keith and his wife did the original house blessing, the second one was done by his twin brother Carl during the second filming. Also, the original house shown was Brenda's neighbor's home, and her address was removed per contract agreement, in later copies of the episode. The two investigations were both held in the day.

      • Keith Johnson, one of TAPS' demonologists, is listed in the opening credits but does not appear in the episode, though he is shown in the preview footage of the next episode. TAPS members Andy Andrews and Brian Bell are shown when Jason and Grant's families go bowling, but they do not speak and are not officially credited.

      • The Oct. 6 premiere earned a 1.4 household rating (1.1 million viewers), making it the most-watched Wednesday-night program on Sci-Fi since January 2003 and ranking it in the top 10 of most-watched Wednesday programs in the channel's history.

      • This episode is referred to as "Episode 101 - Altoona, PA" on the TAPS website. It's listed under the title "Altoona Tantrum" at the official Ghost Hunters website.

      • This takes place in Altoona, PA, which is significantly farther from TAPS' "home base" than is usual for them in their pre-TV show days.

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