Ghost Hunters

Season 3 Episode 6

Best of the Stanley Hotel

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Great Halloween Special Recap!

    This was a great Recap of the Previous times TAPS was at the stanley hotel first time in season 1 and the second for season 3 for the Halloween Special I really liked it. Oh man just hearing that Girl talk back to Jason and Grant Scared the living daylights out of me and it crept me out each time they kept playing the tape back over and over it's pretty creepy as for the shadow they saw on the bed I knew it was a book what else could it be?

    I sure hope Sci-Fi Channel makes This an Annual Ghost Hunters Halloween Special At the Stanley Hotel i'm really looking forward to next season now. :D
  • Easily the worst of the season

    I will be honest; this was not my favorite episode. I didn’t feel like a recap of the first Stanley Hotel investigation was necessary. They could have rerun the second season finale in the previous timeslot and it would have worked a lot better. I know that it helped to eliminate redundancy, since they could run through the “walkthrough” that was already filmed, but it was annoying, nonetheless.

    I also don’t like the staged transitional moments. They tend to capture Jason and Grant at their most uncomfortable. Grant, in particular, looked like he was staring at a cue card during his close-ups. In the real world, they are a lot more personable. I suppose they do serve a purpose, though; if they were the nuanced actors that skeptics claim they are, they wouldn’t be so horrible during the scripted moments!

    The Live Investigation

    After sitting through the five hours of the live investigation that DirecTV actually managed to air, I must admit to a great deal of frustration. I was hoping that the live investigation would bear out a few things, most of which are ignored by skeptics and naysayers. I think that the general boredom of a paranormal investigation was well communicated; there’s a lot of dead time and a lot of waiting for something to happen to validate a client’s claims. Also, they discussed the equipment and used it in a generally scientific manner, even if they still skipped over the preliminary baseline checks.

    On the other hand, I saw a lot of something I’ve been unhappy with all season long. It’s what I’ve described as “playing dumb”. Instead of looking at the most obvious explanations, the team members tend to jump at possible paranormal explanations or, just as often, leave it an open question and then debunk everything at the end of the episode. I’m glad that most evidence is ultimately debunked, because that’s what should happen, but why would they play into the drama so much?

    During a typical episode, I can attribute a lot of that to editing. And I recognize that during an investigation, the only way to collect the most contextually meaningful information is to act like a believer and chase down anything that validates the reported activity. But for all that, during the live investigation, they seemed to jump to conclusions. For example, at one point, a phone rings while Donna and Lisa are investigating a particular room. They immediately assume that it was paranormal in origin, even though it’s far more likely that it was someone messing with them.

    I have the feeling that Pilgrim Films and SFC asked them to play up the drama during the third season, and that they agreed, provided that they were free to dismiss or debunk the evidence in the end. As I said, they generally arrive at the same conclusions I would expect them to make, but the path to that point seems different and less robust.

    The Evidence

    The audio evidence, to me, is really questionable. Just the fact that it was audible at the time of the investigation makes it seem more like an echo from a point above that part of the basement than anything else. I’m surprised that they didn’t dismiss that evidence, considering how much else was clearly the result of pranks and outside interference.

    What really puzzles me, after so little evidence substantiated by the evidence review, was the conclusion that the investigation was the second to validate that the hotel is haunted. I’m just not sure how they arrived at that conclusion. Taking everything leading up to the conclusion into account, I’m left wondering at the logic.
  • A rehashing of old footage with a little bit of the new.

    This was one of the few episodes of this series that I was really looking forward to, and I have to said that I was a little upset on it. Because they rehashed the footage from the first investigation of the Stanley, and the Live broadcast, with a few extra footage, which in my option didn't add to much to what I already watched.

    Another thing that upset me, is the fact that they didn't focus on the EVP that was between the "Hellos" and the laugh, which I think they should of. In my option that EVP sound like it was saying "I need help", and then the girl's voice laughed. And the image of the face that was on the sheets did freak me out a little, and with the other show on Travel Channel would of thought it was proof, and would of left it at that, if the same thing happen to them. But TAPS went beyond to see what is truly was, which is the reason why I like this show so much, they try to figure out what is truly is, to see if it is paranormal or not and they did that. They found out that it was a picture of a book that was being captured on the sheets, not a ghostly image. In true TAPS style!

    I what I did like about is the fact that Jason’s room in the hotel where he first stay in the hotel is now getting more requests then it did before and that these guys want to do this again. I seriously hopped that the SF Channel listens to their requests and makes this an annual thing, so that we might have an alternative live broadcast of a paranormal investigation then the “Most Haunted” ones on Halloween.
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