Ghost Hunters

Season 2 Episode 3

Deville's House and Brennan's Restaurant

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 10, 2005 on Syfy
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Deville's House and Brennan's Restaurant

The team is called in by a TAPS family member and returns to Louisiana to investigate the home of a man who is bothered by spirits whenever women come to visit. While they are in town, they are asked to investigate Brennan's Restaurant, where many supernatural occurences have been reported. After dinner in the "haunted dining room" the investigation begins.


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  • When the TAPS Team gets used for publicity

    Short review this time around…I’m still catching up from the double whammy of vacation and a colleague’s exit at work. I was a bit concerned when I heard that the episode had changed at the last minute. That’s rarely a good sign; I wonder if there were issues with clearances, or worse, signs that someone had interfered with the investigation. This ought to get the naysayers all a’twitter.

    This wasn’t the most exciting of episodes. I think, for me, the highlight was the focus on Paula. A gorgeous young scientist with an interest in the paranormal…be still, my beating heart! The TAPS Team gets my respect for that addition. When she pegged the halogen lamp as the source of electrical interference with the digital thermometer, I felt like Mulder when Scully said the words “spontaneous combustion”.

    Anyway, on to the first case:

    This one was interesting, if only because of how well it established the credibility of TAPS above and beyond the creation of “Ghost Hunters”. It’s more and more clear to me, as time marches on, that what gets on the air is not comprehensive. There’s a lot more instrumentation in place at each location than the audience ever gets to see. And that makes sense…the intent is to dramatize, and the editors only use what they feel tells “the story”. That sometimes makes the TAPS Team look foolish or unprofessional, and it feeds all those nitwits who claim fakery.

    So as I’m watching this case unfold, I notice how the team tries to accommodate the desires of the clients. This guy was a real piece of work, and his various claims about his overall attractiveness to women were somewhat hard to believe. At the same time, if the local TAPS affiliate says that there’s merit to the case, then why not look into it?

    The only real evidence was the movement of the door. Some will claim that not enough was explored in terms of a “real world” explanation. I assume that much of that was actually edited out, since it wasn’t compelling enough. I think it’s interesting that the one piece of evidence matches the claim so closely, but even Jason and Grant seemed to think that the real value was in the eyes of the client. They certainly had their doubts.

    As for the second case:

    What a waste of time. This must be the price of modest success. I’ve been to Brennan’s on a “Ghost Tour of New Orleans”, and we heard the same story, in nearly the same exact words. It was all about the restaurant wanting a bit of free advertisement and the chance to say that TAPS was there. I’m sure that they will be adding “Ghost Hunters” to the long list of television shows that featured their establishment.

    Did anyone else feel like the footage was manipulated to highlight the comments on the food? I wonder if the network helped arrange that case. Whatever else might be true, I think it’s safe to say that the restaurant had little or no intention of letting a serious investigation take place.

    Again, there’s the silliness over Brian’s behavior, Steve’s seeming lack of attention with the evidence, and the little intrigues that would be better replaced with a closer look at the investigation methods and evidence. Then again, on an episode like this, where the ups and downs of the business are highlighted, perhaps it doesn’t matter.

  • An average Ghost Hunters episode, where TAPS investigates a mans home, and a resturant.

    In my opinion, this is probably more of what we will be seeing out of TAPS this season. Since they have proven themselves as reliable, more people, like the resturant, will call them up. IMO, this wasnt a publicity stunt, or whatever people are saying. IMO, this is TAPS becoming more well know and having more reliable clients. I hope we see more of these types of clients in the future. I just hope they let TAPS investigate, which this resturant didnt seem to do.

    Although I like the more reliable clients, (the first episode comes to mind) I still like seeing peoples homes. This episode had some great evidence caught on tape, even though its still disputable.

    I also have to complain about one more thing, the fake phone calls that go on in the show just kill me, and the drama that they try to create with the TAPS members. But I will still be watching next week.moreless
Andy Andrews (II)

Andy Andrews (II)


Brian Harnois

Brian Harnois

Tech Manager

Donna LaCroix

Donna LaCroix

Case Manager

Grant Wilson (II)

Grant Wilson (II)

Co-Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator

Jason Hawes

Jason Hawes

Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator

Paula Donovan

Paula Donovan

Research & Development

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Nitpick: They say that they are returning to Louisiana to investigate DeVille's house, implying that this takes place after the investigation of "The Myrtles" from episode 1 of this season. However, the date embedded in their camera footage for the DeVille investigation was February 26-27, 2005, which is a couple of days before the investigation occurred at the Myrtles. The investigation at Brennan's was just after the Myrtles, on March 1-2, 2005.

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: DeVille's House - New Orleans, Louisiana
      Pam Gates - Co-Founder of Southern Louisiana Ghost Hunters
      Michelle French - Co-Founder of Southern Louisiana Ghost Hunters
      Bruce DeVille - Homeowner
      Ashley Smith - Bruce's Friend

      Investigation 2: Brennan's Restaurant - New Orleans, Louisiana
      Blake Brennan - Co-General Manager
      David Sledd - Brennan's Captain
      DeSha Tolar Kelly - Brennan's Host

    • Donna and Andy are listed in the opening credits, but neither team member actually appeared in the episode.

    • While checking for EMF spikes at DeVille's house, Michelle French of Southern Louisiana Ghost Hunters uses one of the new EMF gauges developed by TAPS' R&D tech Ron Milione. Either she was using the TAPS team's equipment rather than her own, or her group, which is part of the TAPS family, has access to their newest equipment very shortly after it's created. The piece of equipment even had a sticker reading "TAPS" on it.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Brian: Dude, you feel that?
      Steve: What?
      Brian: You don't feel that?!
      Steve: What am I feeling?
      Brian: Dude, I got tingly!
      Steve: You did?
      Brian: Whoa ho ho! Last time this happened is when I ran out of the prison!

    • Grant: You know we are bringing a whole lot of women in to the house?
      Jason: Look at the bright side. This thing gets annoyed with females. I'm gonna tell you right now, all the females we got now annoy the **** out of me! So I think it'll be perfectly fine, you know- stick 'em in the house, they got to irritate something!

    • Grant: Why don't you put on a sheet and stand in the corner?
      Brian: Hell no!

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode is listed under the title "The Red Room" at the official Ghost Hunters website.

    • In this episode no paranormal phenomena was seen or heard in the recordings at Brennan's Restaurant. As for the footage at the Deville's house a door opening and closing twice with no apparent cause was caught. Mirror in the background by the door does not show anyone or any other means opening the door.