Ghost Hunters

Season 1 Episode 5

Eastern State Penitentiary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Sorry to break it to you!

    I live in Philadelphia and have been to the Penitentiary along with just about every other person who lives here. It's not haunted. I didn't get any sense that there was anything supernatural and also spoke to a couple of people who have worked there for years. They had never experienced any ghosts or mysterious things. Many of them also work during the night for terror behind the walls and even in the middle of the night nothing happens. The have a couple cell blocks closed and try to tell you its because the ghosts are too dangerous but the truth is the building is very old and it is too dangerous to walk into areas that are crumbling down. This episode just help me realized what a lie this show is.
  • Interesting location, but if Jason, Grant and the TAPS team are so oblivious to an obvious fake, they should stick with plumbing.

    This is another one of the few episodes where the TAPS team actually caught something, supposedly. I get tired of the Dude, Dude, did you feel that, Dude, Dude something touched my arm nonsense. There is also way too much talking and chatter during the iinvestigations. Shut up already! As for the dark figure running towards the camera, abruptly turning and running away, its an obvious fake. The show lost a ton of credibility on this episode. Its so obvious and clear that when the person with the black cloak on turned that they were wearing jeans and light socks and sneakers a cave man could see it. But TAPS either by being forced by SciFi to play along or out of shear stupidity kept up with the I'm not sure what I saw schmeal. Nothing was caught at this location on this visit. The dark figure was obviously a deliberate act by the crew or a prank by local kids.
  • Are they kidding? the black shadow is obviously wearing white pants and a black cloak. Very clear when 'it' turns around to go back down corridor.

    So bummed, fakey black shadow wearing white pants and a black cloak. Show was mostly beleivable until this episode. Is the 'debunk" idea a cover for throwing in a fake episode every now and then? How about the moving lamp at the mertles plantation? I suggest if it looks staged by them they should not air it as an episode, they are ruining the shows credibility. Pretending to be skeptical is not going to excuse fakey footage. The episode with bed covers moving was good because they admitted it had been rigged. Good luck to you all. I hope the show gets better.
  • One of the best episodes ever.

    This is the reason why I watch this show. There is always creepy things happening. The atmosphere of the penitentiary made my hair stand. It was a pretty exciting episode, especially that great piece of evidence but too this day that is left unexplained. I could swear someone was toying with the Ghost Hunters, but look at how masterfully it was done that you have to say it couldn\'t have been a prank. The Eastern State Penitentiary, as we all can say, is one heck-of-a place to investigate and TAPS should be greatful to be given an opportunity to hunt down a creepy ghost.
  • this episode was great but check out most haunted live at eastern state pen, its a 7 hour live investigation aired last week, 2nd june. people get cut!!

    this episode was great but check out most haunted live at eastern state pen, its a 7 hour live investigation aired last week, 2nd june. people get cut!! yup, its on youtube and other episodes are on TAPS do a great job, but they need to lose the eerie backgound music when the audience is trying to hear noises!! if they implimented a medium and a historian the show would be much more interesting.
  • Completely erie! In this episode TAPS went to the Eastern State Penitentary. While there, the experienced many weird happens like a shadowy figure running and Brian running away from the black shadow.

    The whole episode was fantastic! Get some weird happenings add jokes and things Brian will never live down, mix and you got his episode! The black shadow was an amazing thing to see and expierience and it's definitly on of the best things they have ever caught on tape. The whole episode was full of strange happenings that make you wonder what exactly made them happen. The episode is everything you'd expect from a creepy place like the penitentary with erie noises out of no where and black shadows walking around after dark. Definitly one of the best episodes yet and one of my favorites!
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