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Ghost Hunters

Season 4 Episode 1

Fort Mifflin

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 05, 2008 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia is investigated. The site was used as a garrison during the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

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    The Ghost Hunters NEVER fail to entertain us! They are back! The evps that they picked up were like unbelievable. The whole night was just totally exciting! Jason and Grant are still th same old Jason and Grant, that's why we love them, they are not fake our pretenious. We did record it, and we watched it several times since then. We cannot wait until next week! Dave Tango crawling under all those bunks was just hilarious! He and Steve always come up with something to laugh at! Kris is pretty cool too, she's seems to fit right in with the group. ROCK ON TAPS!!!

    Did I say we can't wait until next week?!moreless
  • The new season starts where the old season left off

    This season of "Ghost Hunters" starts out a little differently from the rest. Instead of the usual credits, the show gets a quick abbreviated opening followed by very small titles for the production staff. This is interesting, because it brings up an important point. Cast members of any television show, even in reality TV, are paid based on listed credit. By removing the cast members from the opening, they absolve themselves of any legal requirement to pay them at the top credit rate. Not that they were paid much to begin with, but it's certainly not about the money now.

    One might have hoped that the new opening would mark the beginning of a new era for the series. The recent St. Augustine special mentioned an increased desire to incorporate new ideas for equipment and monitoring. Unfortunately, many of the early fourth season episodes were actually filmed and initially edited during the third season and repurposed.

    Many of the same issues remain. Most of the investigation comes down to the team members and their personal experiences. This is actually no different than what has been seen on the recent episodes of "Ghost Hunters International"; it should be educational to see if detractors of GHI are equally critical of the same behavior from TAPS. Whatever the case, in a few instances, team members were urged to investigate on their own, which has long been against TAPS guidelines. Granted, the team has an odd number of people now, but that's not a valid excuse.

    The main focus of the personal experiences was Grant and the "bearded face" in Casement #11. As compelling as his reaction might have been, it's no different than Jason's sighting of the "lady in white" in Tombstone at the beginning of the third season. Given the various personal experiences, it's odd that they didn't place cameras down there. Nothing was captured on handheld camera and no one else saw the face, so it doesn't provide much in terms of evidence. Fans will believe; critics will dismiss.

    The audio is a bit more interesting, but open to interpretation. The "Mommy" EVP was heard by Jason in real time, so strictly speaking, it is not an EVP. It could be paranormal, but most of the time, if something is audible at the time, the sound is coming from a discernable source. The other two EVPs were quite garbled and I did not hear what TAPS heard. The client couldn't make them out either; he only reacted and interpreted the apparent statements after Jason and Grant offered suggestions. Worth further investigation, certainly, and worth mentioning, but not definitive on their own.

    The video evidence is all related to thermal imaging, and as such, must be considered in light of how the equipment works. The FLIR system is used to detect and differentiate the relative temperature of solid surfaces. This does make it useful for detecting items like the slightly warmer patch on the bench and the odd "shadow effect" of colder botches moving across the bottom of the screen. The first could be explained if someone had been sitting there long before Jason and Grant arrived; the second is worthy of further study, to understand what the data is actually saying, but not conclusively paranormal.

    The "apparition" is the most intriguing evidence, and it will raise heated debate (no pub intended). Jason and Grant have been very good at catching unusual "hot spots" in real time in the past. The figure in this footage is incredibly obvious, but they missed it during the actual investigation. That's certainly possible, but out of character for Jason and Grant. The figure is also standing in a position that suggests something is in its hands, with the head facing down at that object.

    That would suggest the possibility that the figure is a reflection of whoever was holding the screen for the FLIR system. Clearly Jason and Grant did not believe that to be possible (or they would have mentioned it), so it comes down to an analysis of the materials of construction, which is difficult to do without being on site and conducting extensive research. If it wasn't a reflection of Jason or Grant, it would have to have been a solid object to reflect the infrared back to the sensor. To be charitable, since they say they only found the figure after the fact, they may not have had the opportunity to study the area more carefully and attempt debunking of the image.

    Given TAPS' usual criteria, I'm not surprised that they labeled the location "haunted". If I had collected similar data at the site, Fort Mifflin would have been on my list for more extensive study in the future, if only to focus on explaining the experiences and "evidence". Oddly enough, despite living close to the site all my life, I have yet to investigate there, despite the heavy traffic there from local groups. Perhaps the questions raised in this episode give me the perfect excuse!moreless

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