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All time favorite Female Investigator

On the show, who has been your all-time favorite female investigator?

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    My choice is Amy Bruni, I enjoy her investigation style, and she doesn't seem to scare too easily. Which one did you pick and why?

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    i chose DONNA because she was an original. she helped get grant [bu-bye] and jason get TAPS on the map and helped it all stay together and running for many years

    she was like the house mother and if truth be told by jason and grant, it wouldnt have happened if not for her behind the scenes, sometimes, many times pro bono work getting cases, logistics, travel, research, coffee, pep talks and long, hard hours.

    what i want to know is WHY she quit. i know the health issue thing was the take on it from the GHI/TAPS brass, but i have a feeling it was much more. i build my case on the fact that why now? after everything she did, and much of it free labor in the beginning is her health such a concern? they said it was some issue that she suffered from for years. i havnt heard the C word, that i can see expecially if it ramped up. but that would have been reported, and WIDELY!!

    i remember one of her last 3 episodes she was on a case and got the living crap scared out of her. at the shows end, she was almost in tears and shaking and the guys were showing genuine concern.

    did something she saw scare her so bad she quit? did it or something else fallow her home [a couple guys on other shows have had that very thing happen, one lost his wife over it and almost put him in the looney bin and off the show], wreak havoc or got in her head and dreams? the guys addressed this many times in the beginning that it was a concern of both them and there spouses and was a reason they didnt take "demonic" cases. did she run into the real deal? was it as simple as a falling out with scy-fi brass?

    i just wonder why after they made it, after she had her load VASTLY lightened and getting paid well did this "health" thing take her off a show she worked so hard to get going? you would have expected this in the days she worked for free in a small, dank box trailer sacrificing her time and personal life.

    anyone with INSIDE info on this? share my theory? have another take on it?

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