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Anyone ever have a "ghostly" experience?

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    There is some really good evidence posted on this website.
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    I have several and heard several from others(teachers and friends)


    1. I used the infamous ouija board back in middle school(9 years ago) One of my old friends came over before everyone else did. We used it and asked questions. We asked who would be the most scared, it spelt out Crystyl. Then we asked who would be the leat scared? It spelt out Theresa. We asked next who would be in between of being scared and not? It spelt out Kelly(me) and Leah. We asked if there was anyone on the bed. It said YES. I don't remember if there was a dent in the mattress however. I honestly didn't look. Ouija board experience got me into the paranormal pretty much. Read books as well. Later that night, us four girls were getting into our sleeping bags. Something touched Leah. She was joking either. Something touched me, and I wasn't joking. Crystyl was crying because she was freaked out. I dont know if anything touched her. Theresa was not scared. She was the only one that had the guts to get up to turn on the lights. After that, I was feel really too scared to sleep in my own room for no reason, I wasn't thinking about anything scary, I would see a black shadow when I woke up. Something would move m yAngry Beavers stuffed animal in my arms. I one time stretched my arms out and something was grabbing at my hands. Anotehr time I heard knocking on the other side of the wall and it was in the dead of night. I doubt it was my sister, and parents. It was knocking outside my bedroom wall. I kept getting nightmares EVERY NIGHT(I was 15 and I definately wasn't at the age that would get tons of nightmares like smaller children would). I got fed up, drew on the board, grabbed my scissors stabed at it doing what I can, ripped up what i could. I grabbed it, took it into the big trash can outside in the garage and threw it out. Everything stopped then.

    2. Now at my movie theatres, where I used to work at. I seen quite a few stuff. The first time I was looking at my ushers chedule(It wasnot busy and I'd think that ghosts didn't manifest unless it was NOT busy). On nstinct I looked up, turned my head and saw this tall black male apparation walk from the WALL into another wall. Thanks to Jay and Grant, I went down the hall to make sure there was no way that no one could have walked from a door into another. There is NO other door on the wall facing this door where you get out.

    3. I was in an auditourium, after the movie. I was cleaning the audtiourium but i was pretty much finished. I was walking down the stairs and looked up at the screen. Stopped in my tracks and saw a black shapeless figure slowly fly across the screen. I didn't think much of it but with that and the male apparation(You can tell its male and it was wearing a hat), I started wondering if the theaters is possibly haunted.

    4. THIS scared me horribly. I was walking in the same auditourium that i Mentioned in #3. So the movie and redits were all done, I walked in, you have to make a turn into the steps and baloclony. I turned around to do that so I can go up the stairs to start cleaning...I saw this(note that the auditouriums are not at all dark you can see well enough to clean and see other people and what not), I saw this black apparation(Female as she was wearing a dress)I flipped out and i saw turn around and sisapeared. I was so freaked out I ran up the stairs, went into the asiles and cleaned up fast as i could because I wnated to high tail it out of there fast. I did keep trying to debunk it, there is just no way it could have been something else that was floating.

    5.There were a few times, when I was by myself again, I would walk into the auditouriums. You have to wait until everyone was out. I heard voices so i assumed they were still in there. (Note you can't hear people outside the doors and it was ab ig heater you wouldn't be able to hear people on the other side),anyway, I walked in THERE WAS NO ONE THERE! I checked to make sure there was no one there. It sounded like a couple of ladies chatting. It happened a few other times but no one was there. Infact, I went into a theater with a co worker of mine to clean. He heard voices but no one was there. He told me and he was freaking out a bit.

    6. I was walking past these small stairs leading to exit. I saw a black shape that's darker then a shadow. It looked like it had a pointy hat but it looked like it was half way out of the steps..which was rather odd.

    7. I was walking down the asile by the same theater where the two crazy apparations i saw were. I was looking at the trash can for some reason. I saw this bright white flash like a huge star and it dissapeared. I turned around and looked around to make sure it wasnot a flash but it wasn't It was a small flash in a small area close to the ground by the trashcan. I saw a purple flash like a star bursting in one theater too.

    8. There were times when I was in the theater. There are seats way in front that you can sit in. There were times when I saw this black shape of a person get up to leave (one theater there is only one way out and you have to pass me or go through the exits but I did not see exit doors open), I saw them walking towards me so I walked out but no one was behind me.

    9. I wasback at the theater to get rehired. I saw the black shape man figure walk into the mens room..out of the corner of my eye.

    10. One of my friends said one of her aunts used to have a house where you would be fine downstairs and the attic. If you go upstairs you would have this uneasy feeling of being watched. She got locked in but I guess no one locked her in but I don't know. Some pictures of her and her ex would be pushed off the dresser and she claims no one pushed them off.

    11. A teacher of mine said there was (she is not the type to joke) a black figure that was in the house. There woudl be foot steps, knocking, apparation sighting in her house. She was told to cleanse the house. She did, she washed everything, moved the funiture and what not. One day she was in the kitchen looking out the window. She saw the black apparation moving across the yard a lot trying to find a way back in.

    12. There were times when I felt presences. After my grandma died, I felt a presence in the house she used to reside in. I felt her watching me but I wasn't scared and didn't have a reason to feel threatened.

    13. After my grandpa died, I believe that a ghost followed us back to the home after the funeral. I was in the basement, wanting to watch one of the shows I used to watch back then(Smallville, but I don't like it anymore), something weird happened. The TV turned off then on and I don't remember if I touched anything. I felt freaked out. I didn't want to ignore the chance that there MIGHT be a ghost in the basement so I yelled at it for it to leave me the heck alone. So I watched my show, went upstairs. I was getting some food to eat for dinner. I went to the steps(I wanted to go watch some TV downstairs) I felt this overwhelming dread in my stomach as if something told me NOT TO GO DOWN THERE! So I didn't, I went to sit between my grandma and dad to eat. I saw the lights flickering a lot and they normally did not flicker like that a lot(I was there at mygrandparents a few times). My dad left the table and I felt I didn't want to be alone. I just didn't want to be myself. I had this over whelming dread and I just knew there was not a nice presence in the house. It was bad enough I wanted to run out of the house into the night.

    14. At my great aunt and uncle's house, my parents, sis, and I went into the house. I was feeling fine. After awhile i felt this unvnering presence in the house. I asked my sister if she felt it and she said a little bit.

    Well that's enough for me LOL. I can't think of anything else but I think I had my fair share

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    Me and my best friend are "sencitive" and me, her, and our other best friend Hannah were at our school on a Satuday because my mom had to deal with stuff. Anyway we were the only people in the building and Kaila said she saw 2 lil girls at the end of the hallway. I just saw a shadow but she was freaking out. So we went to the third floor to try to calm her down. She was actually communicating with them. She asked them to do something and I heard a lil girl laugh. She opened her eyes and asked me if I had heard that and I said ya and we were freaking out! She is an awsome drawer so she drew exactly what they looked like. And when we were leaving me and Hannah felt a pressure on our chests. Kaila said that the little girls didn't want us to leave and were trying to push us back. And the creepiest part is when we were outside by my car Kaila passed out! She remained standind but her head was down and her hair was over her face. About a minute later she popped up real fast and pointed to the window and laughed like a little girl. And it wasn't her voice at all! Then she fell on the ground crying. Then when they went back to my house we were walking up my hill and we were having fun and she was skipping acting like her goofy self when she fell to the ground passed out. I caught her before she hit the concrete and she looked at me and said that one of them had follwed us. And I was freaked out cuz we were at my house. Ever since then my house has been known for giving people the heebee jeebeez. But I'm learning to deal with it!

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    My Aunt's house was haunted...I can remember going there as a kid all the way through my teenage years...but you never felt threatened by them(there were more than one)because they all seemed to be family members. My Grandfather was seen once..my Great Great Aunt was seen by my mother and a couple other sightings as well...I never saw anything personally...but I heard whispers and unexplained noises and that feeling you get like when you were being watched...but oddly...only in certain rooms..they had a rec room and a basement that I wouldn't go in by myself...I can remember once...sitting in the rec room watching TV with my cousin...and suddenly the closet door just opened up..it was one of those folding doors so it couldn't have been a breeze or whatever..I swear...you never saw 2 kids clear a room so fast in your life!!! LOL!!! But for the most part...it was intrigueing...not scary...You never felt like they were going to hurt you or anything...they were just there doing there thing while we were doing ours!!!

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    I have had many experiences. Its not just me. Some of my neighbors has had similar experiences. My friends too. I don't have many friends but the ones I do have get scared when they come over to my house sometimes. There is this one black & white cat that I see about once a week. My friend who is also my neighbor has a black & white cat. Sometimes when I see this one I think its hers. I know its not when it disappears or goes through a wall. I like that cat & I know I'm not the only one who has seen it. I remember one time when I was at a sleepover at the friend who I mentioned earlier's house one of her friends saw the cat. My friend was down stairs & I was upstairs talking to her friend & petting Sid. Thats her black & white cat's name. I wanted to get to know her friend a little better. As I was petting Sid her friend said I didn't know that Abby has 2 black & white cats. I said What are you talking about? She said look over there. So I did & saw the black & white cat. When Abby came upstairs Her friend asked her about the other cat. Abby said that she only has one black & white cat. I told them that I think it was ghost cat. Thats what I called the cat when I was younger. Its a long story & my fingers hurt. I have been typing alot today. By the way after I started typing this Abby called & I asked her if it was alright if I used her name. She said it was ok.
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    Well i have had a few paronormal experiences such as .... a year after my cousin had died i was in my swimming pool and saw him as like a reflection looking at me i was so scared that i jumped out of the pool and my mom at first thought i was crazy and i just so happened that my aunt(my dead cousins mom) was there so she told me not to say anything about it.......

    then on the USS North Carolina i was walking by myself and as i went through the corridor i looked around a corner and about three times i saw navy men looking and staring at me .... as i got closer to the bomb room i started to get this very cold chill and i kept seeing a boy about 18 looking at me from a big machine but that only happened wgen i closed my eyes.... then when i was right at the door something spun me around and grabed me i was so shocked that i ran from the door and into the cafeteria ..... during that time i was trying to rap my head around wat happened but then my mom came and told me it was time to go ... and i just so happens that the only way to get out is through the bomb room..... so i walk into the room and it was like time totally stoped because at that moment i was seeing a navy boy looking at me i could not touch him and i started to look around for projectors but there were none as far as i could see i asked him if he had died and he said yes and i asked him how .... he then told me that he had missed the enemy ship and a torpedo came through and had killed him .... then he started walking with me tward the door and i asked why had he not passed on he then told me that he did not think he should have been as i thought in the presence of god for he gad made a mistake that killed people.....i told him that god is all forgiving and as i waved goodbye my mom asked me if i was ok ...... and thats when i saw the plack telling the sad story ... the next wendsday i was watching taps and the had confirmed that the uss north carolina was haunted....

    i was in the woods at my friend josh's house and the were basically doing wat guys do like trying to shoot a dog witch i thought was really wrong the nall of a sudden a gun shot came from behind us ... but something happend and josh and his friend sam ran into the woods so me being scared ran after them cause i thought it was a gang or something.... then we collapsed behind a mound of dirt and then another shot was fired and i after the second shot stood up on the mound of dirt and couldnt see anyone and so i thought that since civil war people had walked through here that it was paronormal ... then i remembered jay and grant ssaying something about how water can increase theparanormal energy or somthing so i looked into the water and say a reflection of a military soldier in the water the i saw him raise his gun and i heard the gun shot and felt a quick pain in my chest ( or stomack area) and collapsed josh and sam helped me up and we ran back to joshes hous e and every now and then i get calls from josh saying something weird is going on.....

    These are all true stories and i would not lie....

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    roxy013 wrote:
    i dont know if this counts but one time i took a picture and there was a weird rainbow blob looking thing beside my friends head. weird.

    gay ghost? lmao

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    Nothing has happened really recently, maybe a few years ago in my house i would wake up because my bed was shaking, like someone had kicked it- That happened a few times.

    And sometimes you can hear voices, like the television is on in the other room- you can't make out the conversations, but you can hear the general murmur- really really quiet, you have to have good hearing!

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    A couple of stories. My friend and her family live on a few acres of old, relatively unpopulated ranch land in north-east Arizona. Their ghost, "Cowboy Bob", is known mostly to prowl around at night, walk up and down the stairs, make loud noises etc. "Luckily" for my friend, her bedroom has the most activity! She claims to have woken up in the middle of the night to a loud breathing in her ear, her bedroom door wide open though she locked and closed it before going to sleep.

    One night when I was visiting, I heard loud noises from downstairs. Nothing too unusual, like a water heater turning on, banging slightly. My friend asked, "Do you hear that?" I said yes, and asked if it was just the heater. She replied, "Nope, that's him." She was rather cavalier about the whole thing, being so used to the noises, but I was not so thrilled. I sat and listened as the noises continued for a good 10-15 minutes. The banging was replaced by a muffled thumping like heavy footsteps that ended at the bottom of the stairs. At any rate, I fell asleep somehow, hoping that I wouldn't wake up to breath in my ear!

    Secondly, I'm pretty convinced that there's something strange about my new home. The house itself is only a couple of years old, so I have to wonder why there would be any activity. Anyway, I'm always seeing movement just out of the corner of my eye whenever I'm in the upstairs bedroom. More frequently, I really, really feel as though there's a presence moving just behind or beside me. Some nights I hear light shuffling noises and breathing; it's so persistent I have to turn on the fan to drown it out.

    This is the event that really creeps me out: My boyfriend is a staunch skeptic. He pokes fun at me for watching Ghost Hunters so I've never told him about the strange feelings I sometimes get in our home. One day he came upstairs and said, "What were you saying to me?" I told him I hadn't said anything. He replied, "I heard your voice call to me." I asked him what he heard and he said, "I heard someone say 'Blood'." I'm convinced he wasn't pulling my chain because I pressed him for more details and he just dropped it. So, there might be disembodied voices calling out "blood" in my home!

    I've done some EVP (white noise) work in my home but haven't listened to the tape because I'm too much of a wuss ^^;
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    no but iam always thinking theres someone in my house at night becouse it so dark and creepy sometimes i just cant sleep becouse iam to scared and sometimes i think i hear voices when theres no one watching tv in my house my dad passed away in 2007 so i wander if its his spirit thats still in my house we cream made him after his passing so do you think maybe he could be haunting my house like righ now i think iam just hearing things but like thay sed on tv about the electricel wires and stuff about if your highly sensitive to it you can suffer threw paranoiya skin eratation and some other stuff but i haven suffer threw iny of that stuff and neather has my mom man i hate the dark i shude just carrie a flash light but my nighbors migh think iam a burgler who just broke in and ghost can come out even during day time houres cant thay becouse i have no problumes with being alone in my house during the day.
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    I have experienced several strange things in my life at other peoples homes but not at my house till I moved into my house where I live now. Mostly no big deal till last night something happened that actually got me motivated enough to seek out a forum (here) to post my experience.

    My girlfriend believes if I call attention to it, things may escalate or piss this thing off or something but I had to say something to somebody so here I am. We have lived here about a year and a half and my girlfriend and her girls have mentioned several things that I thought was garbage or just girls who scare easy.

    1. Like being downstairs with no one else home and hearing footsteps walk across the floor upstairs - what it sounds like when I walk around upstairs with my work boots on....I figured it was just the house settling but this house is about 40 years old so it is probably done settled.

    2. Also, her oldest daughter has said she has seen glowing orbs of light above her dresser. One night I was working late on the computer and she flew into the room visibly shaken and white as a ghost...so to speak. She said she had just seen one of the glowing things over her dresser again but still I was skeptical. I looked but saw nothing.

    3. Different times my girlfriend and her oldest daughter have said they have seen shadows that didn't make sense. (A)Either they would get up walk away from the computer but what they thought was their shadow wouldn't move with them like it should. Or (B) the shadow would move when they didn't....Still just thought they were seeing things or getting themselves worked up over nothing.

    4. Then about 2 months ago, I guess, I was home alone sitting on the couch in the living room, tv on, computer on my lap and we have a whole house fan in the wall next to the tv that have doors that shut over the fan during the winter. Also, those doors when they are closed, they pinch together tight so if you want to open them you have to give 'em a good pull to open them. Anyway, They popped open a good 3 or 4 inches and that got my attention but again no big deal. Also, wind couldn't have come through from the outside because it has a vent that opens up when the fan is on and if the fan is not on it closes but if the wind blows against the vent it just closes tighter. The way the vent is made will not allow wind to open it from the other side. So I don't have any idea how those doors opened by themselves. Like I said, it weirded me out a little but didn't think much about it and forgot about it.


    Last night I was up late working on the computer, my girlfriend's 9 year old had fallen asleep in our bed so I decided to just crash on the couch. So I covered up with a blanket laying on my side I closed my eyes while waiting for the laptop to shutdown but I was still awake. The tv was on and the lamp over my head was still on. Well, what felt like what I thought was my girlfriend itching my back lightly to roust me to come to bed. But I opened my eyes and no girlfriend, no one was in the room but me. And something continued to itch me in the middle of my back for about 30 seconds or so.

    At first I thought it was a mouse or something under the covers with me. But we don't have mice and never have had one in this house. I just laid there eyes wide open waiting or stunned probably, to try to figure out WTF was going on. And it just stopped after the 30 seconds or so. After a minute I got up and shook the blanket looking for a mouse or something. No mouse. I was thinking Wholly crap!!! But I was so tired and it didn't really scare me so I just laid back down and went to sleep with no more issues the rest of the night....Or so I thought.

    This morning at work I texted my girlfriend and told her the story...she said she told me so and I didn't believe her or the girls. Still I wasn't too worried about just somethin weird I couldn't readily explain and was trying to convince myself it was probably just a mouse that I couldn't find after the fact. But, all day I had been feeling a strange ichy feeling across the middle of my back so after lunch I went into the bathroom at work and I couldn't see real well looking over either shoulder in the mirror but looking over my right shoulder I could see what looked like a red spot and looking over my left shoulder I saw what looked like 3 bruises. I thought about it long and hard and I know I haven't done anything that would give me bruises like that. I don't drink or do drugs, I haven't been in any fights in years. I haven't fallen down or anything. They were not scratches from any "extra-curricular activity" between my girlfriend and I They looked like bruises.

    Still I was trying to convince myself it was just grease or something from work. So when I got home I had my girlfriend take a look and she said there are in fact 4 bruises across the middle of my back with 1 of them at the same spot as the red area and is probably why I didn't see it at work. We got the video camera out to document it because we couldn't get a good picture because of the lighting and flash. The video isn't great but is way better than the still pics.

    She said the pattern looked consistent with someones finger tips because the bruises aren't in a straight line and said it they looked consistent with possibly the finger tips of a left hand, no thumb. I had told my parents this morning about what happened last night because I work for them and just told them about how weird it was. I had told my dad about the fan doors after it originally happened but like this morning, by the look in his eye, he thought I was full of it. I called my mom tonight and told her to look at it tomorrow.

    THERE'S MORE !!!

    Not as big a deal but still weird. This morning I went out to the garage where over the weekend my son had chopped a bunch of wood and pitched into a pile in the garage. So anyway, I went out a grabbed a few logs for the wood stove. Nothing out of the ordinary then. At lunch my girlfriend and her oldest picked me up from work because my truck is in the shop. We came home long enough for her to change clothes because she didn't want to go to lunch in sweats. So she came upstairs to change, her daughter changed her clothes in her room downstairs then was on the computer down there till we left.

    I went out to get a few more logs to for the stove and right where I had got the logs this morning, there was one log standing straight up and another longer, smaller diameter log with a bent shape laying perfectly on the upright log. They were not like that this morning. So I showed my girlfriend before we left for lunch and didn't think anymore about it.

    Then after they dropped me back at work after lunch she texted me after she got home and asked if I had left the big screen on while we were there at lunch. I said no and that I wasn't even upstairs at all while we were there. And the way our house is the stairway is an open stairwell so when you come up you can see and hear the tv if it is on. It wasn't. So it had turned on while we were gone.

    That is when I told her about the bruises on my back.

    So that is pretty much it for the last 24 hours. 1 big thing and 2 smaller ones that I would have dismissed had it not been for the bruises and the scratching, itching thing of my back last night.

    I have my video camera out here tonight to see if I can catch any action. Probably won't but figured I would give it a try.

    Any thoughts?

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    I have many experiences with ghosts from the time I was little up to present day. I have seen a ghost of a little girl at my parent's house. She looks to be about 7 or 8 years old, wears a long white gown and has long brown hair and blue/green eyes. She is also barefoot. I am the only one that has ever seen her fully, my ex saw part of her gown and heard her as she came down the stairs. She shares the house with a little kitten that loves to lay on my mom and my chest when we are sleeping. I can feel the weight of him and hear him purr. The other spirit in the house is a dark figure that we believe is a man and gives off a creepy feeling when he is around. He has only been seen by the women in my family. none of the men have seen him, though they can be looking at the exact same place we do and not see him when we do. One questions I have is, can events in your life cause you to attract a specific type of spirit? Ie. I have lost 3 children. Can that cause child spirits to be more likely to show themselves to me? If you have been in a car accident, could that cause spirits that have died in car accidents to be more attracted to you? I'd like to hear what you all think. Thank you.

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