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has any viewer seen any ghost on ghost hunters????

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    [21]Nov 4, 2008
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    Ok i've never actually seen a ghost on ghost hunters but the strangest thing happened last night. I live over by the sprague mansion, the mansion they aired an episode on halloween and i was driving to ccd last night and i looked up in the bell tower and coulda sworn i saw the lady standing up there.
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    [22]Nov 6, 2008
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    Well, if you go to haunted places (like ones that have ghost tours, and around the areas are some creepy alleys or something, or graveyards) and you have a good tech digital camera, ghosts on the camera usually show up as orbs once you get them developed or you can see them right there if you can scroll back to see previous pictures on the camera if it has that function. So since TAPS has high-tech equipment then I'm sure there has been numerous occassions where if one of them took pictures, they got some form of spirit. They also got thermal gear and they have had spirit voices spoken around them when they had their sound gadget ready.

    There are spirits out there, you just gotta do a little searching and have some luck that's all. Go to where you think spirits thrive, like graveyards.

    Its good that TAPS has alot of hanted places to go to, tha way they can gather a lto of experience around places known to have para-normal activity.

    Well its also kind of hard to have a spirit appear 100% in human-like form but white, because people are around them, and also they are in their own different world and dimension, they are in the spirit world and its hard for them because of spirit world restrictions and to use so much power like that to appear like a normal person here, as we who are alive are in a diffrent world and dimension than them too.

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    [23]May 8, 2009
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    sometimes i seen ghost on the show but what really creeps me out is when thay recorn the voices of the ghost like one sed "take...take me to the light" that one was wierd it was from the episode about that charls mansion guy who murder some people in there house i hope that guy is dead and paying for what he did that B*STERD.
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    [24]Sep 16, 2009
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    That episode to me had the best evidence, and it was Crescent Inn hotel, Season 2, Part 2. I don't think you can debunk that one. His chin moves down and the image is on a locker through the thermal. It is very impressive. There was also a good one on Season 3, Part 2. They are at a resident's house and they catch the picture of the neice's dead mother and the EMF of her telling her maiden name "Chesney." The list can go on, but I'll leave it at those. I prefer to watch them on DVD, this way I can pause and Zoom. Good luck huntin!
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    [25]Sep 17, 2009
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    They just caught one on last night's episode. The ghost of "Hannah" in some court house in the records room and Jay & Grant were sitting in there at the same time and didn't see it. You could hear them talking. Later on review it was found. It looks like a female that walks towards the camera then turns and walked into the records shelves.
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    [26]Oct 10, 2013
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    Did anyone else see the mist in the attic in the Undying Love episode last night? Britt and Michelle are in the attic. In one shot, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen it says 10:56 and right below that a mist comes into frame and then goes back out.

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