Ghost Hunters

Season 4 Episode 12

Garden State Ghosts

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 11, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Nothing New..

    In this episode of Ghost Hunters, the TAPS teams go to places that are in New Jersey. Tagging along with them is Bryce Tango, Dave Tango's dad. The first places they go is a old hydro mill. this one isn't that active. but when Grant and Jason are in the floor where the little girl died, Grant asked the ghost to tug on Jason's pants leg and they did. later, the ghost did it to Grant. that's really all it for the episode.

    The next place they go is the oldest state house in the 13 original colonies. When Grant and Jason are in the dining area, they see a thing and go for it. when they get to the room they saw it go to, Grant's right ear got flicked. then Bryce and Tango are in the tea room downstairs and they hear a noise. that's all for that episode.

    Overall, this episode went flat as usually and is just another one of those average episodes.
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