Ghost Hunters

Season 2 Episode 14

Ghost Hunters Halloween Special

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2005 on Syfy



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    • Also Appearing:
      City Tour: Savannah, Georgia
      Rebecca Clark - Historical Society

      Investigation 1: Bader House (historically known as the Sorrel Weed House) - Savannah, Georgia
      Stephen Bader - Homeowner
      Christopher Bezeredi - Carriage House Resident

      Investigation 2: Moon River Brewing Co. - Savannah, Georgia
      Chris Lewis - Manager
      Eugene Beeco - Owner

    • Donna is listed in the opening credits, but does not appear in the episode. Lisa and Dustin take part in the investigations at the Bader House and the cemetery, but not at the Moon River Brewing Company.

  • Quotes

    • Brian: Uh guys, I want to talk to you for a couple minutes.
      Jason: Oh God, are you leaving again?

    • Brian: I think for the first time in history Jason didn't even yell at me today. Pretty cool.

    • Steve: (about Jason and Grant's surprise appearance in ghost costumes) That's the best they could do for Halloween?
      Brian: Hey, simple things please simple minds.

    • Steve: Is that mist forming?
      Brian: It sure as hell looks it, dude! Look at it.

    • Grant: One of the reasons we don't like to do [investigate] cemeteries is there's really no one to help there. It's a cemetery. I mean, who are you going to help? Everyone there is dead.

    • Jason (referring to Brian Harnois): I cannot believe this guy actually has the nerve to call me. I wonder what he wants.

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